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Why There Is No Peace in the Middle East

editor 1 November 2017

By Philip Carl Salzman.. Peace is not possible in the Middle East because values and goals other than peace are more important to Middle Easterners. Most important to Middle Easterners are loyalty to kin, clan, and cult, and the honour that is won by such loyalty. There was no group and no loyalty above the tribe or tribal confederation until the rise of Islam. With Islam, a new, higher, more encompassing level of loyalty was defined. (more…)


The Palestinians’ “Creativity for Hate”

editor 8 September 2017

By Khaled Abu Toameh.. The angry reactions to the joint Palestinian-Israeli summer camp in the US should be seen in the context of the Palestinians’ strong opposition to all forms of “normalization” with Israel. Most comments posted by Palestinians and other Arabs in response to the joint Palestinian-Israeli camp vilify the Palestinian girls and their families. The postings brand them as traitors, sluts, filthy people who are not ashamed to be seen in the company of Israeli girls. Then there is the barrage of abuse that is not fit for print. (more…)


The Over-Dramatization of Israel’s “Dilemma”

editor 3 June 2017

By Dr. Max Singer.. BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 479, May 28, 2017

Executive Summary: Israel is not facing a dilemma about how much, if any,  land to give up from the West Bank, because the Palestinians will not agree to take land and cannot be forced to do so. The Palestinian community sees peace with Israel as defeat in their 100-year struggle. Continued Israeli occupation is one of the Palestinians’ best weapons against Israel, and they will not give it up while their war to eliminate Israel continues. (more…)


The lessons of the Arab summit

editor 10 April 2017

By Zalman Shoval.. During the 28th Arab League summit in Jordan that ended over the weekend (March 29, 2017), host King Abdullah of Jordan said that there would be no regional stability without solving the Palestinian issue, defining Israel as an obstacle to peace. While the king probably knows better than many others what the real reasons for regional instability are, mostly as they affect his own country, at the end of the day the “Arab League” is not particularly significant, nor does it wield executive authority, for better or worse. (more…)


The False Premise of Palestine and Peace

editor 24 November 2016

By Barry Shaw.. If the international community wants to see Israel make dangerous concessions, then they, and they alone, must ensure that Israel has a united and pragmatic peace partner. This should be Israel’s basic demand: that a united Palestinian political leadership will recognize the right of all the citizens of the Jewish State of Israel to live in peace and security, alongside the State of Palestine. It is that simple. That is all it takes. The notion that the creation of a state of Palestine will herald everlasting peace is naïve in the extreme. (more…)


Peace Index: 71% of Israeli Jews Do Not Foresee Peace with Palestinians in Coming Years

editor 19 October 2016

By The Israel Democracy Institute.. At the outset of the new year, we looked into how the public views Israel’s overall situation at present and what it expects its situation to be in various domains during the year that is now beginning. And in hindsight, we explored the public’s positions on different aspects of the state funeral of the late president Shimon Peres, the most notable national event of the past month. (more…)


Jerusalem rejects French peace initiative

editor 5 May 2016

By Herb Keinon.. The only path to peace is through bilateral relations between Israel and the Palestinians, the Prime Minister’s Office said Thursday(April 28th, 2016), formally rejecting a French peace initiative calling for an international Middle East peace conference. (more…)


No to Cease Fire

editor 30 July 2014

By Paula R. Stern..  As a mother of three…oh, sorry…of five…you support a ceasefire don’t you? So asked the BBC interviewer Friday afternoon (July 11, 2014) in a prerecorded interview that I was told would be non-political. They said they wanted to know what it was like for Israelis to live under the fire of rockets. One question about that – and then two more. The one above and the one asking me to explain how more than 100 Palestinians have been killed while no Israelis have died. Non-political? Yeah…  (more…)


Give Peace a Change (Video)

editor 29 April 2014

By ECI.. “Give Peace A Chance” is a 15 minute documentary about the long hidden document of the formerly classified minutes from the San Remo Peace Conference of April 1920 which still defines the legal rights under international law of the Jews as well as the Arabs. Real peace between Israel and the Arab Palestinians can only be reached by respecting historical facts and legal foundations. (more…)


SodaStream – Building Bridges not Walls

editor 1 May 2013

By C4I International.. SodaStream is an Israeli company producing soda makers to turn water or other fluids into soda, thus preventing pollution due to the production and waist of millions of bottles and cans. The story starts with telling about the 29 year old Rafeh Aglu getting up very early in the morning in the West Bank Palestinian village of Hisme to go to the SodaStream factory 15 kilometers away in Mishor Adumim, by a bus charter from his employer. (more…)


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