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The Israeli Labor Party and Its Palestinian “Partner”

editor 28 July 2018

By Prof. Shmuel Sandler.. BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 891, July 11, 2018.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The low standings of the Zionist Camp list in public opinion polls floated a new demand for change at the top. As a result, the Labor party, the Zionist Camp’s senior partner, is again challenging its newly elected chairman, Avi Gabai. Despite replacing its leaders with each election campaign, Labor has never made a comeback to govern Israel. Because it is identified with Ramallah’s demands in any future settlement, Labor has suffered electoral punishment. [Picture top right: Christians for Israel International]. (more…)


The Hysteria over the Polish Law

editor 4 April 2018

By Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen.. BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 785, April 3, 2018

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The essence of Zionism as a national liberation movement is the Jewish People’s return to history as a sovereign actor – a nation among the nations. Insofar as the Holocaust is not the justification for its sovereign existence, Israel’s response to the Polish law forbidding Poles from being accused of involvement in Nazi crimes must take into account pragmatic considerations in the changing political arena. [Photo top right: Theodor Hertzl | Wikimedia Commons | Credit: Carl Pietzner (1853–1927) um 1909]. (more…)


Equal Stakeholders – Dr. Einat Wilf’s Vision for Israel and Jewish People

editor 19 December 2017

By Christians for Israel International.. Dr. Einat Wilf, former member of Knesset, speaking in Palo Alto, California at the Oshman JCC’s Conference: “Zionism 3.0: In Search of the Shared Dream”. Einat is speaking on the topic of “Should Israelis and Jewish Americans See Each Other as Equal Stakeholders in a Collective Future? The American Jewish Community and Israelis Through Each Others’ Eyes”. (more…)


Palestinian Settler-Colonialism

editor 7 September 2017

By Dr. Alex Joffe.. BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 577, September 3, 2017

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The concept of “settler colonialism” has been applied with almost unique vehemence against Israel. But the fact that Jews are the indigenous population of the Southern Levant can be proved with ease. In contrast, historical and genealogical evidence shows Palestinians descend primarily from three primary groups: Muslim invaders, Arab immigrants, and local converts to Islam. (more…)


Scrapped: Basel event to mark 120 years since Herzl’s First Zionist Congress

editor 27 August 2017

By Raphael Ahren.. Netanyahu was to travel in August to Swiss city where Herzl in 1897 ‘founded the Jewish state.’ But poor planning has doomed the celebration, and recriminations are flying. The Swiss town of Basel, where Theodor Herzl raised the curtain on political Zionism, will not be hosting the prime minister of Israel for the 120th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress there, The Times of Israel has learned. A major event in the city in August (29, 2017, ed.), long planned by the World Zionist Organization to celebrate the landmark anniversary, has been scrapped. (more…)


A debt of honor

editor 29 October 2016

By Nadav Shragai.. British official Lewis Andrews, a champion of the local Jewish community in the 1930s, has long been forgotten • Israel Hayom brought his grandson together with the deputy foreign minister, who finally expressed Israel’s gratitude for Andrews’ actions. [Photo top right: British District Commissioner for the Galilee Lewis Yelland Andrews|Photo credit: Haganah Historical Archive] (more…)


Christians, Jews Gather in Sweden for Pro-Zionist Rally

editor 10 September 2016

By Tazpit Press Service.. “Out of Tzion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined forth.” (Psalms 50:2). The Zionist Federation in Sweden organized its fifth annual rally on Sunday (August 28, 2016) under the theme of “Taking Back Zionism” in order to attempt to reacquaint the Swedish public with the original Zionist concept so as to confront the term’s misappropriation by the media and state institutions. (more…)


Israel Coming Back to Africa, Africa Going Back to Israel

editor 23 June 2016

By Joe Nam, Media Specialist Christians for Israel Uganda.. In a way, Israel and Africa behave like estranged lovers, having sparked off a whirlwind romance in the 1950’s, culminating into a full-blown relationship in the 1960’s. And then, bang! A disagreement in the 1970’s leading to a bitter split that still lingers. But it’s time for a re-union. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said that Israel is coming back to Africa and will do so in “a big way”. [Photo top right:Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta] (more…)


The Zionist Monk Who Teaches Israelis How To Speak Arabic

editor 27 May 2016

By Elhanan Miller.. Two weeks shy of 90, Yohanan Elihai is feverishly working in his Jerusalem study on updating his Arabic-Hebrew dictionary, published by the Ministry of Defense over a decade ago. That dictionary contains 5,000 words and 10,000 sentences; but he would like it to conform to his famous Arabic-English Olive Tree Dictionary, published in 2007, which contains 8,000 words and 17,000 sentences. (more…)


UN censors Israeli exhibition featuring Zionism and Jerusalem

editor 5 April 2016

By Danielle Ziri.. An exhibition initiated  by Israel’s permanent mission to the United Nations with the organization StandWithUs and expected to open at the UN headquarters on Monday (April 4, 2016), was partially censored by the international body this weekend.  (more…)


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