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The Last Things He Saw

editor 9 June 2018

By Jeffrey Greenberg.. Chasing the ghosts of my uncle, who was killed in action in Normandy during WWII. In a manila envelope in the top drawer of her dresser, my mother kept a Scottish Grenadiers’ cap with a red checkered band and ribbons falling from its back. Her brother Monroe had sent it to her from Great Britain a few months before D-Day. [Photo top right: Monroe J. Molensky | Credit: – – – – Jean-François Pellouais].  (more…)


Putin thanks Israel for denouncement of Soviet War Monuments’ toppling in Europe

editor 25 August 2017

By TASS Russian News Agency.. Members of Israel’s Knesset (parliament) supported by majority of votes the statement to preserve the historical memory on World War II on Wednesday (July 19 ,2017). Russia is grateful to Israel for denouncing the toppling of World War II monuments to Soviet soldiers by Eastern European countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Council for International Relations. [Photo top right: A monument to Red Army soldiers stands next to a Greek Catholic church in Warsaw May 7, 2007. Poland has shelved legislation that would allow removal of monuments to Soviet soldiers on its soil, fearing it would cause Russian wrath just as Moscow celebrates victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. REUTERS/Katarina Stoltz (POLAND) – RTR1PFU3].  (more…)


Now on bike, Montreal survivor retraces trek home after Auschwitz

editor 13 June 2015

By Rhenee Ghert-Zand.. Marcel Zielinski cycles the route he walked 70 years ago in search of his parents in charity ride for Krakow’s retired JCC members. The last time Marcel Zielinski traveled the 89 kilometers (55 miles) between Auschwitz and Krakow, Poland, it was January 1945. He traversed the distance on foot as a newly liberated 10-year-old death camp survivor going home in hopes of finding his parents alive. (more…)


New Zealand, Israel and peace in the Middle East

editor 4 June 2015

By Andrew Tucker.. New Zealand played a leading role in the liberation of the Middle East in the first and second world wars. Today, New Zealand is allegedly partnering with France to prepare a UN Security Council resolution that will pressure Israel to give up control of the West Bank, and promote the creation of a Palestinian state. This is intended to “advance the peace process”. In reality, it will threaten the existence of the Jewish state of Israel, and further advance the agenda of radical Islamic movements in the Middle East. That not only will not serve to advance peace, it will undermine all that was achieved by the Western allies in WWI and WWII. (more…)


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