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102-year-old Holocaust survivor reunites with newly discovered nephew

editor 1 December 2017

By Aron Heller.. Eliahu Pietruszka believed his brother, who escaped Warsaw ghetto, had died in a Russian labor camp, but, generations later, a Yad Vashem genealogy project led to incredible news. Eliahu Pietruszka shuffled his 102-year-old body through the lobby of his retirement home toward a stranger he had never met and collapsed into him in a teary embrace. Then he kissed both cheeks of his visitor and in a frail, squeaky voice began blurting out greetings in Russian, a language he hadn’t spoken in decades. [Photo top right: Holocaust survivor Eliahu Pietruszka, right, embraces his nephew Alexandre Pietruszka as they meet for the first time in Kfar Saba, Israel, November 16, 2017. (AP/Sebastian Scheiner)].  (more…)


Saved From Holocaust: ‘He Loved Me and He Wanted to Keep Me’

editor 16 February 2017

By Korey Kilgannon.. On Valentine’s Day, couples often reminisce about that moment they knew they would stay together, whether during a vacation, over a fancy dinner or, perhaps, while meeting their future in-laws. For Isaac and Rosa Blum, who became teenage sweethearts 75 years ago in a ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland, that moment came as they and thousands of other terrified Jews were being herded to a death camp by Nazi soldiers. (more…)


Jewish ghetto life, in color, from ‘Hitler’s photographer’

editor 4 February 2013

By Gili Gurel.. As part of his job as ‘special military reporter,’ Hugo Jaeger got to use advanced color photography during World War II. His work includes unique documentation of Jews in Warsaw, Kutno ghettos.

Smiling made-up women, a man wearing a yellow Star of David talking to German officers. Unusual color photos from World War II ghettos in Poland shed light on Jewish life in 1939-1940, shortly after Jews were imprisoned in ghettos and before the mass destruction began. (more…)


Rare Holocaust diary unveiled

editor 1 February 2013

By Noam (Dabul) Dvir.. President Peres receives chilling journal in Polish language, published 70 years after start of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Another diary describes activity of anti-Nazi resistance groups. “At night, we will be led to Treblinka. It’s the last time I see the blue sky.” A copy of a rare diary from the Holocaust was presented on Thursday (January 17th, 2013) to President Shimon Peres at the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum. (more…)


Shtikat Haarchion (Secret Archive) – A Film Unfinished

editor 4 September 2012

During the ‘Berlinale 2010’ film director Yael Hersonski (Israel 1976) presented her eighty-nine minute documentary film ‘Shtikat Haarchion’ (Literally ‘Secret Archive’) or the English title ‘A Film Unfinished’. This documentary film investigates the production of an unfinished Nazi propaganda film from 1942, about the Warsaw ghetto. The film was shot two months before the mass deportation and extermination of the Jews from the ghetto (Grossaktion Warsaw) started on July 22, 1942. (more…)


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