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Israel’s LEGAL RIGHT to Judea and Samaria under International Law

editor 17 April 2013

By Michael Gottlieb.. Believe it or not… Israel’s Legal Right to Samaria is enshrined in International Law! A cold, hard look at the law reveals an undeniable if inconvenient (for some) truth: Israel and the Jewish People have full sovereign rights to Judea and Samaria. A fair and objective analysis of the various post-WWI agreements, decisions, conferences, treaties, declarations, covenants and conventions regarding the Question of Palestine (not to be confused with today’s made-up “Palestine” that the “Palestinians” claim as theirs) can only lead to this conclusion. (more…)


Prager University: The UN vs. Israel

editor 4 April 2013

By Anne Bayefsky.. There are a hundred and ninety three countries in the United Nations today. Of these one has been singled out as an especially egregious offender of the organization’s mandate to preserve and enhance human freedom and tolerance. Can you guess which it is? It has about seven million citizens of whom a fifth are Arab. The government is vibrantly democratic, its press wide open and religious freedom fully respected, women have equal rights and gays live openly. The answer is: Israel. (more…)


WJC ANALYSIS – The Palestinians and the Syrian conflict

editor 3 January 2013

By Pinhas Inbary.. A growing number of signs point to the fact that rival factions in Syria are ready for an agreement, including the regime of Bashar al-Assad. While it is too early to tell if these efforts will bear fruit, the mere recognition of the need for an agreement has implications on Syria and its neighbors in the Middle East, notably the Palestinians. (more…)


Palestinians: The Third Intifada Has Begun

editor 20 December 2012

By Khaled Abu Toameh.. Emboldened by the “victories,” Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal recently reached a secret agreement on the need to launch a “popular intifada” against Israel in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Their goal is to drag Israel into a confrontation with Palestinian civilians — one that would embarrass the Israelis among the international community and force them to capitulate. (more…)


Abbas’ Christmas message of hate and hypocrisy

editor 19 December 2012

Mahmoud Abbas has written a “Christmas Message from Palestine to the Christians of the World” which may be the most hypocritical thing he has ever done. And that’s saying a lot. First he says that Israeli settlements are making the life of residents of Bethlehem a “living hell.” He goes on to say: (more…)


UN General Assembly vote on Palestine promotes hatred, not peace

Andrew Tucker 6 December 2012

The UN General Assembly’s vote last week to grant non-member observer status to Palestine may look like a vote in favour of human rights, but it in fact rewards hatred and violence. In our view it will only deepen the conflict and lead to more suffering.

The voting in the General Assembly (138 nations in favour, 9 against and 41 abstentions) shows yet again that the nations of the world do not understand the nature of this conflict. In their desire to appease the demands of the enemies of Israel, they seem willing to sacrifice the right of the Jewish people to live in peace and security. This applies as much to those states which abstained from voting as those which voted for the resolution. (more…)


UN births never-before-seen state of Palestine

editor 3 December 2012

By Ryan Jones.. The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday voted overwhelmingly in favor of recognizing a new sovereign nation that has never before existed in the annals of history: Palestine.

The Palestinian Authority’s motion to upgrade its status at the UN to that of a non-member observer state passed by a vote of 138-9. Those voting against the resolution were: Israel, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Panama, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau. (more…)


Why the Palestinian application for advanced status in the United Nations should be rejected

editor 27 November 2012

On 8th November 2012 the Palestinian Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations submitted a draft resolution to the United Nations General Assembly. The purpose of the resolution is explicitly “to advance the status of Palestine in the UN General Assembly”. That resolution is due to be discussed in the General Assembly on 29th November 2012.

Although the legal consequences of this resolution are perhaps debatable, its adoption would constitute a significant step towards the establishment of a new Islamic state of Palestine under international law. (more…)


After Gaza, focus turns to Palestinian bid at UN

editor 27 November 2012

By Herb Keinon.. Washington is urging Israel not to allow construction in the area known as E-1 between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim as a possible response to the Palestinian bid for statehood recognition next week at the UN, The Jerusalem Post has learned. Building in E-1, which would create contiguity between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim to the northeast beyond the Green Line, is something various Israeli governments have long wanted to do, but which US opposition has prevented. (more…)


European Parliament supports Palestinian enhanced UN status

editor 27 November 2012

By Yossi Lempkowicz & Shari Ryness .. The European Parliament expressed its support for “Palestine’s  bid to become a UN non-member observer” as MEPs consider the move as “an important step in making Palestinian claims more visible, stronger and more effective.” In a paragraph added to a resolution adopted on Thursday at its plenary session in Strasbourg in the immediate aftermath of the Egypt-brokered ceasefire on the Gaza conflict between Israel and Hamas, the European body called on the EU member states and the international community “to find an agreement in this direction.” (more…)


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