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Is Tikkun Olam the Right Jewish National Narrative?

editor 20 April 2017

By Yaakov Katz.. Tikkun olam is an important piece of our national story, but we should not forget the core of the Jewish people’s narrative – an ancient nation that returned to its historic homeland. Why do Jews live in Israel? What is their purpose here? Why not live somewhere else? Why in this specific contested small piece of land? I ask these questions as I complete my first year as editor of The Jerusalem Post, a job I started immediately after last Passover. (more…)


The Steady Rise of African Zionism

editor 29 April 2014

By Rolene Marks.. There is something quite remarkable happening on the African continent. A groundswell of love and support from African Christians for the State of Israel, forged in biblical ties and a mutual love of the land.

It is a relationship that has endured and survived political hardships. And at a time when Israel is feeling increasingly isolated, it is very welcome. Voices calling for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against the Jewish State grow louder around the world, but the ties binding us to Africa grow stronger. (more…)


Israeli Presidential Conference “Facing Tomorrow” (3-3)

editor 24 July 2013

By Ruud van Neijhof.. The fifth Israeli Presidential Conference Facing Tomorrow 2013, under the auspices of the President Shimon Peres, took place in Jerusalem, June 18-20, 2013.

In the 2013 Conference, special emphasis was given to the human factor and its role in shaping the tomorrow of Israel, the Jewish people and for all of humanity. One of the questions was whether the quality of leadership – in all realms of human activity – can make a difference. What is the desired dynamic in relationships between people and leaders in the face of powerful processes of change? To what degree can human beings really be involved in influencing their futures? The threats that may lie in an individual’s tomorrow, in terms of identity, family, health, ability to find happiness, and meaning in life were examined. (more…)


The Fallacy, Delusion and Myth of Tikkun Olam

editor 18 June 2013

By Y.A. Korff.. It is so very difficult, indeed utterly unbearable, to sit silently by while Jews, and now the general religious and secular communities, completely misuse and distort the term Tikkun Olam– certainly not intentionally or out of any malice, but rather out of ignorance in the pursuit of virtuous goals and principles which may be applicable to general society and civilization but which have tragically become a poor substitute for authentic religious observance. (more…)


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