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State-of-the-Art Light Show Celebrating King David and History of City Opens in Jerusalem

editor 7 April 2018

By Israel21C.. More than 3,000 years ago, a redheaded shepherd boy from Bethlehem felled a menacing giant with a slingshot. He played the harp and composed the poems immortalized in the book of Psalms. When he ascended to the throne, he established Jerusalem as the capital of the 12 tribes of Israel. The epic story of King David has inspired great painters and sculptors for centuries. Now that story is depicted in 18 larger-than-life projections on the ancient stone walls of the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem’s Old City. [Photo top right: King David Playing the Harp – Gerard van Honthorst | Credit Wikimedia Commons]. (more…)


Lost Jewish city discovered underneath Israeli army base

editor 7 October 2017

By Aristos Georgiou.. The settlement is thought to have changed hands numerous times in its history. A lost Jewish city has been discovered by archaeologists hidden underneath an Israeli Defence Force training base, according to Tel Aviv daily Yedioth Aharanot. Archaeologists working for the IDF’s Civil administration were digging under the old parade grounds of a disused training centre near the town of Beit El in the West Bank when they made the surprising finding. [Photo top right: Artefacts found in a lost Jewish City. COGAT].  (more…)


Massive Infrastructure to Transport Millions of Pilgrims to Third Temple Underway

editor 14 July 2017

By Joshua Wander.. “Thou shalt also be a crown of beauty in the hand of Hashem, and a royal diadem in the open hand of thy God.” Isaiah 62:3. For the first time in approximately 2,000 years, since the time of the Second Temple, plans are being formed by the Israeli government to build an effective infrastructure for Jews to make their obligatory pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem. God commands in the Bible that all Jews make their way to the Temple three times a year. [Photo top right: Workers at the opening ceremony of the tunnel along the route of the express train between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, on October 6, 2014. (photo credit: Haim Zach/GPO/Flash90)](more…)


A Really Important Secret about Israel (Sh! Don’t tell anyone…)

editor 13 September 2016

By Paula R. Stern.. I have a secret to tell you about Israel. You may not know this…and you won’t know it if you read the news. Today, a building collapsed – or, to be accurate, an underground, four-level parking lot in one of the center’s of Israel’s thriving hi-tech community. Within seconds, literally seconds, emergency calls were generated. The Home Front Command mobilized, the IDF sent their search and rescue division, including search dogs. So far, no secret. This is what was the top news in Israel and is likely featured in media around the world. Here IS the secret… (more…)


Europe declares war on terrorism* (*Offer not valid in Israel)

editor 25 June 2016

By Rabbi Abraham Cooper (SWC).. Earlier this week, my Paris-based colleague, Dr. Shimon Samuels and I met with senior officials in Berlin that focused on the implications of 1 million Middle Eastern migrant/refugees coming to Germany. Social integration and the challenge of changing the problematic attitudes brought from their cultures about women, gays, and Jews was the focus of much our conversations. And there are new developments from the burgeoning threats of terrorism. Despite their best efforts, it is clear that Germans and other European countries cannot validate the true identity of hundreds of thousands of new arrivals. [Photo top right: Relatives and friends mourn during the funeral of Ido Ben Ari, one of four Israelis who was killed in the Tel Aviv terrorist attack. Photo by Ronen Zvulun/Reuters] (more…)


London’s Heathrow Airport Considers Following Ben-Gurion Airport’s Lead in Security

editor 16 June 2016

By Menachem Rephun.. London’s Heathrow airport is considering adopting the “ring of steel” security system used at Israel’s Ben-Gurion airport, as a preemptive measure against possible ISIS attacks, which British intelligence officials have warned could take place, the British news site The Times reported Sunday (May 22, 2016). (more…)


Young generation’s self-centeredness has grave implications for Israel’s security, experts say

editor 15 June 2016

By Shula Kopf.. Haifa University academics Tamar and Oz Almog posit that Israel’s Generation Y,is generally spoiled, cosseted, self-involved, late to mature and passive. Omri Gilad, a member of what sociologists call Generation Y, sits on a bench on Tel Aviv’s iconic Dizengoff Street ‒ the in place to be on a sunny Friday afternoon. The 29-year-old is waiting for his date to arrive, and doesn’t mind chatting with a reporter until the girl shows up. (more…)


Interview: Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv

editor 3 March 2016

By Jonathan Andrews.. Tel Aviv has been dubbed the ‘start-up city in the start-up nation’. Jonathan Andrews met with the mayor, Ron Huldai, to find out if other cities can learn from Tel Aviv’s example (more…)


PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting

editor 6 January 2016

By PM Benjamin Netanyahu.. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning (Januari 3, 2016) made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting:
“The security forces – the ISA and the Israel Police – are continuing to search for the Tel Aviv murderer. A major effort in the field is being made by many forces; there are continuous intelligence efforts. This effort is also being made with the assistance of Israeli civilians who are showing awareness and responsibility. (more…)


The place to be – Berlin and Tel Aviv Startup City

editor 16 November 2015

By The Berlin Location.. Berlin is Germany’s capital for start-ups with around 500 new digital startups each year. It has a fast-growing start-up scene, together with a successful infrastructure for funding and financing. Tel Aviv and Berlin are both known as startup hubs and breeding grounds for creative ways to change the world. And both cities intend to reinforce the international visibility of their startup activities and have therefore signed a collaboration between Berlin Partner and Tel Aviv Global about this matter. (more…)


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