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Ten Reasons for Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

editor 7 December 2017

By Amb.Alan Baker..

  1. Jerusalem has been the official capital of the State of Israel and the center of its government since 1950. Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s President, Knesset, and Supreme Court, and the site of most government ministries and social and cultural institutions. Jerusalem is the ancient spiritual center of Judaism and is also considered a holy city by the members of other religious faiths. Israel protects the holy sites of all faiths.



New Book: “The Vatican Against Israel: J’Accuse”

editor 19 November 2013

By Giulio Meotti.. “For over 100 years, and half a century after the Holocaust, the Vatican has been hostile to the creation of a Jewish homeland in the Middle East with its capital as Jerusalem. For sixty years after the Jewish State gained independence in 1948, the Catholic Church adopted a policy fitting to  Israel’s Arab-Islamic enemies: total non-recognition of Jewish statehood and peoplehood. Despite acceptance by every Western nation, Israel was not accorded formal diplomatic recognition by the Vatican before 1993. The Church formally recognized Israel’s existence only two decades after  Israel’s foe, Egypt’s Sadat, signed a peace treaty with the Jewish State. Apparently, the Vatican  considered only the State of Israel undeserving of its recognition. How do we explain this refusal? (more…)


The rise of anti-Semitism in Sweden needs to be stopped in time

editor 14 June 2012

While official Sweden is busy celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, the southern city of Malmö has become a no-go zone for the Jews of Sweden. Furthermore, in the city of Budapest in Hungary, where Wallenberg saved Jews from the Nazis, neo-fascists have once again become a force to be reckoned with in national politics. (more…)


Israel’s KINGship: “Judah and Joseph, forgive to be a blessing!”

editor 21 May 2012

While the State of Israel has been restored last century, not so the Kingship of Israel. Today there are plenty of people, including Arabs with an Israeli passport, saying that Israel will not remain a Jewish State. Wouldn’t restoring the Israeli Kingship be the next step to reassert the strong ties the Israeli, Jewish people have to the land of Israel? This is the time! (more…)


Nakba: 1967 in Exchange for 1948?

editor 16 May 2012

By Giulio Meotti.. Tel Aviv University students just commemorated the “Nakba”, the “catastrophe”, as the Arabs call the date of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. Meanwhile, Israel’s officials are considering the destruction of Migron and Beit El’s Ulpana.

But if we apply the ideas of “morality” and “justice” proclaimed by those who let the Nakba celebrations take place on or near the Israeli campus, the “university outpost” and the “Supreme Court outpost” should be dismantled as well. (more…)


Documents found in Japanese archives confirm the central role played by the Japanese Government in the creation of the Jewish State

editor 1 May 2012

Tokyo, 25th April, 2012 – On Wednesday a triple anniversary was marked in the Japanese Parliament in Tokyo, as the 92nd anniversary of the San Remo Resolution coincided with the 64th anniversary of Israel’s Independence Day and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between Israel and Japan. However this was the first time that the San Remo Resolution had been officially presented in the Japanese Parliament. This was despite the fact that the Government of Japan was one of the four countries who signed this historic resolution which paved the way for the creation of the modern state of Israel in 1948. Just one day before the conference, the original Japanese documents from the San Remo meeting were found in the national archives in Tokyo and were presented to the Parliament at the seminar. (more…)


Speech Prime Minister Netanyahu

editor 19 January 2012

On Wednesday January 18th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech in the Portugese Synagoge in Amsterdam. In this speech he stressed that he is willing to negotiate peace with Abbas, and Netanyahu urged him not to walk away from peace. Watch Netanyahu’s speech: (more…)


Israel – the Nation State of the Jewish People

editor 12 October 2010

By Joshua Teitelbaum… According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the real root of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians had been their ongoing refusal to recognize “the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own in their historic homeland”. (more…)


Speed the coming of the Messiah

editor 13 January 2010

…”as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.”  2 Peter 3:12
The Bible really says that! You and I can influence the timing of the return of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. How? By looking forward to His return. That sounds ridiculous, however that’s exactly what it says. But how do you look forward to that day, you may wonder. By hoping in Him, the Lion of Judah. It amazes me that as time goes by this hope seems to weaken. (more…)


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