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Who Saved Israel in 1947?

editor 11 November 2017

By Martin Kramer.. November 29 marks the 70th anniversary of UN General Assembly resolution 181, recommending the partition of Mandate Palestine into two separate Jewish and Arab states. On that day in 1947, millions of listeners sat glued to their radio sets to follow the voting. The outcome set off spontaneous celebrations among Zionists everywhere, for it constituted the first formal international endorsement of a Jewish state. [Photo top right: A truck with the faces of Soviet Communist leaders Lenin and Stalin at the labor day parade held in Tel Aviv on May 1, 1949. Pinn Hans/Israeli Government Press Office.]. (more…)


From ancient Persia to Hitler’s Germany to modern Iran, Purim reminds us of God’s love for & protection of the Jewish people from those who seek to “annihilate” them.

editor 14 March 2014

By Joel C. Rosenberg.. Israel and the Jewish people face many threats these days — from a nuclear Iran, from terrorist rocket fire out of Gaza, from Syrian chemical weapons, and from rising anti-Semitism and a global movement to isolate and delegitimize Israel, especially pernicious in Europe, to name just a few.

Sometimes Jews wonder, “Why are we the Chosen People? How has that worked out well for us? The Pharoah chose us. Hitler chose us. Stalin chose us. The ayatollahs chose us. Choose someone else, Lord, please!” It’s a sad but understandable sentiment. (more…)


Surviving Stalin’s Purges (Part 2-2)

editor 20 March 2013

By Ben Cohen.. Why couldn’t Soviet Jews see the dictator—who died 60 years ago—for the anti-Semitic murderer that he was? Robert paused to gather his thoughts. “Also, you have to remember that Jews were strongly represented in the medical profession,” he added, “so I thought that the Jewish origins of the majority of the accused was just a reflection of our disproportionate numbers.” (more…)


Surviving Stalin’s Purges (Part 1-2)

editor 13 March 2013

By Ben Cohen.. Why couldn’t Soviet Jews see the dictator—who died 60 years ago—for the anti-Semitic murderer that he was? On a freezing morning in January 1953, Robert Kesselman, a Jewish doctor living in Sumy, a hardened provincial city in eastern Ukraine, picked up a copy of Pravda, the official Communist newspaper. The front page of Joseph Stalin’s mouthpiece was splashed with the lurid headline “The Murderers in White Coats.” Kesselman, a newly certified orthopedist, tore through the report, which claimed that leading Soviet doctors, most of them Jews, were engaged in a nefarious conspiracy to poison the top leadership of the Communist Party. (more…)


Replacement Theology: Time To Repent (Part 5)

editor 28 January 2013

By Rev Willem Glashouwer.. Hatred of the Jews

Demonic powers fuel the hatred for the Jews, using people for their own ends – although those who persecute the Jews of course still remain responsible themselves for their evil deeds, and cannot excuse themselves by saying: it was the devil, I was in the grips of demonic powers! It is the great enemy of God and humanity, the devil, who in the Bible is called a ‘murderer from the beginning’, the father of all lies, who directs his hatred of God onto the people of God. And when hate ‘rains’ on the Jewish people, ‘raindrops’ also fall on the Christians, at least on those who remain faithful to the Bible. (more…)


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