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Israel’s First Female Sharia Judge Sworn In

editor 19 May 2017

By BICOM.. Israel has appointed the ever first female judge (Qadi) to the Muslim Sharia Courts. Hana Khatib, an expert in Sharia law from Tamra in the lower Galilee, was sworn in Monday (May 15, 2017) at the President’s residence with four other new judges. “This is a really big victory, and it really shows how the courts can support equality for women,” Khatib said. [Photo top right: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Israeli Muslim Hana Khatib and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked – Photo: BICOM].  (more…)


With prophetic implications, the Kurds, known as the Medes in the Bible, seize oil-rich region of Iraq. What does it mean?

editor 17 June 2014

By Joel C. Rosenberg.. (Washington, D.C.) — Could recent developments in Iraq have prophetic implications? Actually, the answer may be yes — especially with regards to the Kurdish people who live in northern Iraq. Let me explain. As we’ve been seeing in recent weeks, the Radical jihadist forces of the “Islamic State of Iraq & al-Sham” (ISIS) are on the move towards Baghdad. They are leaving a trail of bloodshed and carnage in their wake. (more…)


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