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Salvation Army Scrubs Replacement Theology From Website After Scrutiny

editor 26 December 2016

By Dexter van Zile.. One step at a time. Approximately two days after The Algemeiner published an article about the Salvation Army’s stance on the Jewish people, the charitable organization has quietly removed a document from the internet that propounded the notion that, “Israel has largely forsaken its place within the care and special purposes of God.” People who click on the link to the article will now see a “file not found” message. [Photo top right: A Salvation Army building in Connecticut. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.] (more…)


Influence of Augustine on the Church…

editor 3 September 2015

Dr. Barry Horner. The nature of Reformed eschatology is comprised of several distinguishing characteristics. To begin with there is the thread of Augustinianism. From the fourth century onward, Aurelius Augustine has continued to be a hovering influence over Christendom, and particularly with regard to the church in its institutional form. (more…)


3 Models of Israel’s Theological Significance

editor 16 October 2014

By Dr Micheal J. Vlach.. How do you view national Israel’s significance in the plan of God? The following are three models of Israel’s significance from a Christian perspective.

1. Replacement Model—The nation Israel no longer has theological significance in God’s plans, being permanently replaced as the people of God by the Christian church. Israel is a testimony to what happens to those who reject God.



How Did Messianic Speakers Do at Christ at the Checkpoint? (March 10-14, 2014)

editor 24 March 2014

By Israel Today Staff.. It is no secret that much of the Israeli Messianic community was wary of some of their number not only attending, but accepting invitations to speak at the Christ at the Checkpoint currently taking place in Bethlehem (March 10-14, 2014).

Most in the Messianic community view Christ at the Checkpoint as a platform for thinly-veiled Replacement Theology and anti-Israel propaganda, and feared those Messianic leaders who were scheduled to speak there would fall into the trap of appeasing their hosts. (more…)


Israel’s Existence Disproves Christian Replacement Theology

editor 4 December 2013

By Ryan Jones.. In an article published in a local Israeli newspaper around the time of Israel’s 65th Independence Day, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Har-Noy puzzled over the fact that there are still so many Bible-believing Jews who refuse to celebrate the Jewish state’s modern rebirth. (more…)


Replacement Theology: Time To Repent (Part 1)

Rev. Willem Glashouwer 15 January 2013

What is Replacement Theology?

The theory of Replacement Theology goes like this:
Theologians in the Church said: Yes, once upon a time the Jews were the chosen people by God. But when they said NO to Jesus, God said NO to the Jews. His anger and His judgment came upon them. He removed them out of their Promised Land Israel and spread them around the globe. Over the centuries they suffered a lot – especially in the lands of Christianity – and you may pity these poor people, but let’s face it: didn’t they ask for it? (more…)


The God of Israel and Christian Theology (4-4)

editor 6 November 2012

Israel alluded to even in Genesis 2
By Jeroen Bol.. Soulen is able to bring yet more to the surface in support of his theological concept from the first twelve chapters of Genesis. Back to the role of God’s blessing in Genesis. The third blessing is mentioned in Genesis 2:3. This is the blessing of the seventh day, on which God rested from all the work of creation that He had brought into being.  According to Soulen this third and last blessing in the creation story, after the completion of creation, is the high point of the creation story. (more…)


The God of Israel and Christian Theology (3-4)

editor 30 October 2012

By Jeroen Bol.. In my first article (1-4 and 2-4 on this website) about the book ‘ The God of Israel and Christian Theology’ I dicussed several of Kendall Soulen’s most important arguments for the theological untenability of replacement theology. The article ended with a discussion of the deeply radical influence of what Soulen calls the ‘canonical narrative’ and the structural nature of supersessionism connected closely to it. I refer the reader to my first article about Soulen’s book for his arguments and for his discussion of the central concept of ‘canonical narrative’ in Soulen’s analysis of the origin of replacement theology. (more…)


The God of Israel and Christian Theology (2-4)

editor 23 October 2012

A coherent Christian faith
By Jeroen Bol.. As already stated, Soulen’s book consists of two parts: his analysis of the untenability of supersessionism on theological grounds and his proposals for a scripturally acceptable theological alternative. Soulen expounds this further in the following quotation, in which he names one of the four starting points he uses in his discussion of supersessionism.

This volume takes as its point of  departure the fact that significant parts of the Christian church today reject supersessionism and affirm God’s fidelity to the Jewish people. From there we ask: what are the implications of this new development for the rest of Christian theology? (more…)


The God of Israel and Christian Theology (1-4)

editor 16 October 2012

By Jeroen Bol.. Somewhere in 2007 it became clear to me for the first time how seriously the history of Christendom is laden with anti-Judaism. The anti-Jewish theology of the early church, the anti-Jewish legislation since Emperor Constantine and the many massacres among the Jews since the crusades began to raise enormous questions in my mind. I wondered how all this could be reconciled with the Gospel of forgiveness and brotherly love that has become so dear to me. I began to discover that the history of the origin of replacement theology is inextricably linked to the anti-Judaism of the early church. (more…)


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