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Analysis: In Private, Palestinian Leadership Opposes Gaza Protests

editor 14 April 2018

By Adam Rasgon.. Despite the Palestinian leadership’s public expressions of solidarity with thousands of Gazan protesters, it privately stands in opposition to the ongoing demonstrations. The Ramallah-based Palestinian leadership has taken a public stance in support of Palestinians who have been protesting for more than two weeks on the Gazan side of the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip. [Photo top right: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a news conference following the extraordinary meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, Turkey. (photo credit: Reuters/Osman Orsal)]. (more…)


Children Sport Dummy Explosive Belts, RPG Launchers In Bethlehem ‘Fatah Day’ Parade

editor 15 January 2016

By Memri.. The events marking Fatah Day –  the 51st anniversary of the Fatah movement’s establishment in January 1, 1965 – took place this year (2016) under the impact of the violent events that began in early October, 2015.  This violence is supported and encouraged by Fatah and Palestinian Authority (PA) officials, who call it a “popular awakening.” In his Fatah Day speech in Ramallah, PA President Mahmoud ‘Abbas reiterated his support for young Palestinians who set out to commit terrorist attacks, and senior Fatah officials likewise expressed support for the Palestinian people’s “awakening” and resistance in all its forms.  (more…)


Palestinian Authority adrift after three months of unrest

editor 7 January 2016

By Sara Benhaida.. Ramallah (PA Temporary Administrative Centre) (AFP) – Three months into a wave of violence some have likened to a new uprising, the Palestinian Authority has found itself adrift and increasingly out of touch with frustrated youths behind the unrest, analysts say.  There is even speculation of an eventual collapse of the PA, the governing authority set up under the 1990s Oslo accords that were meant to lead to a final peace deal. (more…)


Palestinian protesters throw eggs, shoes at John Baird

editor 21 January 2015

By The Associated Press.. Foreign Minister John Baird travelled to the West Bank city today (January 18, 2015) to meet with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki. RAMALLAH, PALESTINIAN TERRITORY—Dozens of Palestinian protesters hurled eggs and shoes at foreign minister John Baird’s convoy Sunday (January 18, 2015) in a show of defiance toward Canada’s perceived pro-Israel stance. (more…)


Open Letter to the French President

editor 15 January 2015

By a Palestinian Journalist in Ramallah.. Your Excellency, many Palestinians nearly fell off their chairs upon seeing their president march at the front row of a rally in your capital to protest against terrorism and assaults on freedom of the media. Undoubtedly, you are unaware of the fact that President Abbas is personally responsible for punishing Palestinian journalists who dare to criticize him or express their views in public. (more…)


New Palestinian Intifada – Against Abbas

editor 27 June 2014

By Khaled Abu Toameh.. There already is an intifada against Israel. The Palestinians are close to declaring another intifada, this time against their president, Mahmoud Abbas, thus paving the way for a further escalation of the anti-Israeli Intifada. Abbas has been diverting Palestinian anger toward Israel. The rhetorical attacks on Israel embolden Hamas and Palestinian extremists and drive more Palestinians into their open arms. (more…)


If Jesus the settler entered Bethlehem today

editor 24 October 2012

By Giulio Meotti.. A Jew named Jesus, Yeshua in Hebrew, was born in Bethlehem. The child was circumcised, lived as a Jew, prayed as a Jew, kept Jewish rituals and spoke in Aramaic to his fellow Jews. It occurred 600 years before Islam raised its head for the first time. The century of Joseph Goebbels has taught all of us that a lie starts as a very small one, but if it is not corrected, it festers like a virus destroying truth. A few days ago (end of August, 2012), the United Church of Canada, the country’s largest Protestant denomination, and South Africa’s government approved the boycott of goods produced in “Israeli settlements located within occupied Palestinian territory”, charging the Jewish State of being an “apartheid state”. (more…)


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