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Are Jews Historical Artifacts in Europe?

editor 20 October 2017

By Naomi Ragen.. It is Friday night in Venice’s Ghetto Vecchio. I am seated in the women’s section of the Scola Spagnola, one of the most beautiful synagogues of Europe. It is packed. The women, hair covered in everything from traditional head scarves to trendy turbans wound around their heads with breathtaking panache, hug and kiss each other, sure signs of a family simcha. Young boys climb to the area in front of the Ark, undertaking various ritual roles reserved for the cute and inexperienced. The women beam. [Photo top right: Italian synagogue, Venice. Photo credit: Wikipedia](more…)


The Girl with the Rucksack

editor 10 August 2017

By Naomi Ragen.. The amazing thing about actually living in Israel, is that even the simplest daily activities are sometimes infused with so much meaning. Let me give you an example. I was going to get a haircut. My hairdresser is in Ramat Gan, which means I have to take a bus from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. So I go. [Photo top right: Female soldiers of the IDF; Wikipedia Commons].  (more…)


OUTRAGEOUS!!!! The UN Is About to Erase Judaism’s Connection to Jerusalem

editor 20 October 2015

By Naomi Ragen.. David Harris, AJC Executive Director <> Jewish history is about to be hijacked and rewritten before our eyes. The Palestinians, with key Arab support, are seeking to undermine the historic attachment of Israel and the Jewish people to Jerusalem. A resolution expected to be considered in the coming hours by UNESCO presents an alternative history of Jerusalem, recognizing only the Islamic connection to the Holy City. (more…)


A Working Woman

editor 9 March 2015

By Naomi Ragen.. “That’s because no one ever asks me and no one is interested,” she replies, giving me my first glimpse into her fraught relationship with the Israeli press, which has hounded her for years, creating a narrative in which she is usually pictured as a cross between the Wicked Witch of the West, Marie Antoinette and Imelda Marcos. “She is the most hated woman in Israel,” someone wrote me recently in a talkback. (more…)


My Evening with Sarah and Bibi

editor 7 February 2015

By Naomi Ragen.. When I was invited to join the Prime Minister at his home in Jerusalem, along with other members of the English-speaking community in Israel, I expected to find myself in a large auditorium in which I would need binoculars to see Benjamin Netanyahu. To my surprise, the room was an outdoor space that could accommodate no more than fifty, with chairs arranged in an intimate circle, with a small table in the front. (more…)


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