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Jesus will sit on the throne of His father David

Rev. Willem Glashouwer 15 December 2011

The Angel Gabriel made two promises to Mary. First – she would be the mother of a Holy Child. Second – this child would sit on the throne of His father David. The first promise has been fulfilled. The second remains to be fulfilled. It will be fulfilled soon, because the God of Israel by His only-begotten Son Jesus has started to bring His First-born son Israel back to the Promised Land of Israel. The people of Israel, the land of Israel, the nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem are being prepared for the Coming of the Lord. (more…)


The Uniqueness of Israel (1)

editor 15 August 2011

Lance Lambert’s first of two messages on The Uniqueness of Israel resulted in a classic book about the Jewish people of the same title. These two messages look at the unique features of the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem, and examines their history and the special relationship between the Jews and the Messiah. (more…)


Why is Israel’s presence in Settlements called ‘occupation’?

Andrew Tucker 27 July 2009

By Avinoam Sharon, Jerusalem Center for Public affairs …The term “occupation” is often employed politically, without regard for its general or legal meaning. Iraq was occupied by the Coalition forces from the spring of 2003 until June 28, 2004, at which time authority was handed over to the Iraqi Interim Government. (more…)


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