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PM Benjamin Netanyahu Speech at UN (Sept 27, 2018)

editor 4 October 2018

By PM Benjamin Netanyahu.. Thursday, September 27, 2018: Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York (9/27/18) on September 27, 2018. President Netanyahu speaks about Israel-Palestine Peace Process and 2 state solution, middle east at the UNGA 2018. President of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu gives his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday at 01:45 pm, (27-9-18) on sept 27, 2018 — and it could be one of his most important speeches yet. [Photo top right: PM Netanyahu speeking at the UNGA on Thursday September 29, 2018) – Still from YouTube].  (more…)


What apartheid?

editor 13 September 2018

By Smadar Bat Adam.. Despite what the Arab Higher Monitor Committee would have you believe with its decision to organize protests against Israel’s “racism” and “apartheid,” ever since 2009, the right-wing governments of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have led to unprecedented advancements in the quality of life of the country’s non-Jewish citizens. This important process is still in full swing. That is a fact. [Photo top right: Engineers are working underground, building a new set of sewage pipes in Netanya. On Sep 6, 2011. The huge tunnel pass under one of the busiest roads in Israel. Photo by Chen Leopold/flash90].  (more…)


Orban: Antisemitism Rising In Western Europe, Declining In Eastern Europe

editor 26 July 2018

By Herb Keinon.. The Hungarian leader said Budapest has ‘zero tolerance’ to antisemitism, and that Jews in Hungary live in security. Carrying signs reading “Never Again,” “Shame on you,” and “Every tyrant has a Yad Vashem,” several dozen protesters briefly blocked the motorcade of visiting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban when he left Yad Vashem Thursday (July 19, 2018). Orban, seen as a symbol of a sharp rightward turn in parts of Europe and as someone who has fanned the flames of antisemitism in Hungary by saluting World War II Hungarian leader Miklos Horthy and by his continuous attacks on Hungarian-born Jewish financier George Soros, had just toured the Yad Vashem Museum and laid a wreath in the Hall of Remembrance. [Photo top right: Hungarian Prime Minister Mr. Viktor Orban meets with Israeli president Reuven Rivlin, at the president’s house in Jerusalem, on July 19, 2018. Photo by Miriam Alster/FLASH90].  (more…)


Netanyahu vs Diaspora Jews?

editor 12 July 2018

By The Land of Israel Network.. Gil Hoffman takes you behind the scenes into the conflict between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and progressive Jews from the Diaspora over the fate of egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall and a bill that would define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. Would Netanyahu prefer to help the ultra-Orthodox over Diaspora Jews from around the world? Gil explains all sides in a dispute that reflects the complexity and beauty of Israeli democracy. (more…)


A quiet affair – Israeli Ties with Jordan Kept Quiet

editor 27 June 2018

By Ariel Kahana.. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows that the Palestinians are a bigger problem for Jordan than for Israel, and is willing to help King Abdullah as much as he can quietly, while allowing him to play down the vital cooperation between the two countries. Israel handles its relations with the Arab world in the shadows, like a forbidden romance. On Monday (June 18, 2018), King Abdullah of Jordan hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Amman. The meeting included many participants. Abdullah and Netanyahu addressed several issues and even signed a general agreement of some kind. [Photo top right:Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, and King Abdullah of Jordan shake hands Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO].  (more…)


The depth of Iran’s deception

editor 9 May 2018

By Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror.. Following last Monday’s (April 30, 2018) unveiling by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “half a ton” of Iranian files proving that Iran lied about its nuclear program, many criticized what they called “a performance.” Of course, everyone was full of praise for the intelligence community, namely the Mossad, for obtaining the information. But they didn’t spare any criticism from the prime minister’s “show.” (more…)


Netanyahu Puts Israel’s Enemies On Notice Ahead Of Trump Announcement

editor 8 May 2018

By Herb Keinon and Michael Wilner.. Though the premier did not directly mention Iran, he said that anyone who strikes Israel should know that Israel will strike them back. Israel’s enemies threatening it with destruction should know that they cannot destroy the country and are instead placing themselves in great danger, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday (May 7, 2018). [Photo top right: Notice | Photo credit: Nick Youngson, Creative Commons].  (more…)


PM Netanyahu: Iran Is Moving Advanced Offensive Weaponry into Syria

editor 8 May 2018

By Prime Minister’s Office.. PM Netanyahu made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting this morning (May 6, 2018). “On Tuesday (May 7, 2018) I will leave for Nicosia for the fourth meeting with the leaders of Cyprus and Greece. I will discuss with them a series of issues, first and foremost the feasibility of laying a joint Israeli-Cypriot-Greek gas pipeline to Italy. The export of Israeli gas to Western Europe could make a very significant contribution to the Israeli economy. [Photo top right: PM Benjamin Netanyahu | Credit Goverment Press Office].  (more…)


PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center Event Marking Israel’s 70th Anniversary

editor 25 April 2018

By Benjamin Netanyahu – GPO.. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remarks at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center event marking Israel’s 70th anniversary (April 23, 2018). Thank you Herzi Makov, and thank you distinguished diplomats and friends. It’s an honor for me to be here at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. We’re celebrating Israel’s 70th anniversary, and we can celebrate at the same time, and for good reason, for three reasons Menachem Begin’s legacy. There are many reasons to celebrate Begin’s legacy, but I believe that three things make him stand out as a true hero of our people. [Photo top right: PM Benjamin Netanyahu |Photo by Kobi Gideon, GPO].  (more…)


Netanyahu: A great day for the people of Israel

editor 28 February 2018

By Elad Benari.. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday (February 23, 2018) hailed the U.S. announcement that it would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May as “a great day for the people of Israel”. “President Trump’s decision to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem on the coming Independence Day follows his historic declaration in December to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” he said in a statement issued by the Israeli Embassy in Washington. (more…)


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