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Trump’s North Korean Strategy is Terrifying Iran

editor 12 June 2018

By Caroline Glick.. The North Korean media reported Sunday (June 3, 2018) that Syrian President Bashar Assad is due in Pyongyang for an official state visit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Much of the instant media commentary regarding the announcement claimed that it is nothing more than a testament to the deep, long-standing ties between the two isolated nations, whose rogue behavior has caused both to be shunned by the international community. [Photo top right: President Donald Trump shakes hands with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un after signing documents after their summit at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore June 12, 2018 | Photo credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters].  (more…)


Facing a Challenging New Year

editor 20 September 2017

By Isi Leibler.. We enter Rosh Hashanah 5778 with conflicting emotions. Israel has never been in a stronger position, globally and domestically; we are thriving in every respect — economically, politically and militarily. But we live in a world of chaos. North Korea threatens to unleash a global nuclear Armageddon — and Europe, under siege from Islamic terrorists, is now suffering terrorist attacks (the likes of which Israel has endured since its inception). [Photo top right: The Western Wall in Jerusalem. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.] (more…)


Bright Days and Dark Days

editor 21 April 2017

By Paula R. Stern.. For many in Israel, it has been a week of vacation, celebrating a holiday that starts off with a lot of work and then melts down to good food, good rest, good times with family. But interwoven in the good of the last week, there have been underlying elements of darkness that make me nervous. I’ve been watching the situation in North Korea and Syria. It takes so little to start a war, and so much to stop one and the people who suffer most are rarely those who press the Start button. (more…)


Security and Defense: The North Korean connection

editor 18 March 2016

By Yaakov Lappin..  Hamas’s attack tunnels in Gaza, Hezbollah’s Scud D missile stockpiles in southern Lebanon, and the Fordow Iranian nuclear facility, dug into a mountain, all have one thing in common. None of them would exist in their current form without North Korea’s assistance and worldwide weapons proliferation network. (more…)


Electronic Doomsday for the US?

editor 21 January 2016

By Peter Huessy.. Contrary to some “expert” analysis, both the recent North Korean nuclear and the Iranian ballistic missile tests are deadly serious threats to the United States. The danger to the United States is particularly consequential due to the close military cooperation of North Korea and Iran. Their combined capabilities, as demonstrated recently, could very well signal a future nuclear attack of the electromagnetic pulse type, for which the U.S., at the moment, is totally unprepared. (more…)


Netanyahu: The World Celebrated the Deal with North Korea as a Great Breakthrough – and You Know Where We Are Now with North Korea (NBC News)

editor 9 April 2015

By NBC News.. Meet the Press Transcript – April 5, 2015.

CHUCK TODD (V/O = Voice Over):

This Sunday (April 5, 2015), the Iran deal. Appeasement of an enemy or a historic agreement that makes the world safer?


It is a good deal. A deal that meets our core objectives. (more…)


North Korea accuses Israel of being ‘dictatorial force for aggression’

editor 31 January 2015

By Staff.. North Korea accuses Israel of being ‘dictatorial force for aggression’. North Korea this past weekend (January 24/25, 2015) accused Israel of “representing dictatorial forces for aggression that trample down the legitimate right of the Palestinian people.” (more…)


Netanyahu in Tokyo: Iran and North Korea cooperate, so should Israel and Japan

editor 13 May 2014

By Herb Keinon.. In a meeting with Japanese lawmakers, PM Netanyahu says both Israel and Japan face rogue nations with dangerous nuclear programs. Just as a nuclear North Korea is a danger and threat to Japan, so, too, is the Iranian nuclear program a danger and threat to Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said before a meeting in Tokyo Monday (May 12, 2014) with his Japanese counterpart. “Israel and Japan face common challenges,” Netanyahu said, standing alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. (more…)


Will There Ever be Peace for Israel & Her Neighbours?

editor 16 October 2013

By Joel C. Rosenberg.. Address to “The People, The Land, and The Future of Israel Conference,” Calvary Baptist Church, New York City, October 5, 2013. Here is the text of the address I gave on Saturday night in Manhattan, as prepared for delivery. On Sunday, I delivered a variation of this message to a conference of Korean Christians in New Jersey.


Tonight, I have been asked to do three things.

  • First, frame what we have learned over the last several days in geopolitical context.
  • Second, answer the question, “Will there ever be peace for Israel and her neighbors?”
  • Third, not keep you here until midnight. (more…)

North Korea Worries Israel

editor 26 April 2013

By David Dolan.. Many government leaders around the world joined the United States in expressing deep concern when the Kim Jong Un regime in North Korea began issuing threats several weeks ago to launch a new war on the divided Korean peninsula. Israeli officials were among them. However in the case of Israel, there is special concern since one of the few world allies that North Korea has is Iran, whose leaders have vowed many times to unleash weapons of mass destruction upon the small Jewish State. (more…)


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