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German Politicians And Media Demonize Israel

editor 22 July 2017

By Joseph Puder.. German Foreign Minister meets with German funded NGO’s that slander the Jewish State. In April of this year (2017), German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel made his inaugural visit to Israel, which sparked a full-blown diplomatic crisis between Israel and Germany.  FM Gabriel insisted on meeting with German funded Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) that demonize Israel.  Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled the planned meeting with Gabriel as a result of the diplomatic insult. [Photo top right: FM Sigmar Gabriel, Foto: John MacDougall / AFP](more…)


Foreign Government Funding to Political NGOs Operating in Another Democracy Is a Violation of Sovereignty and Self-Determination

editor 17 February 2017

By Gerald M. Steinberg.. Op-ed: All foreign government funding to political NGOs operating in another democracy is a violation of sovereignty and self-determination, and this issue is particularly important for Israelis. The clash between Charles Michel, the prime minister of Belgium, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over funding for NGOs involved in the conflict and war crimes allegations highlights the sensitivity of this issue, and the need to go beyond the headlines. (more…)


NGO transparency bill passes final vote

editor 13 July 2016

By Lavah Harkov.. The bill states that any nonprofit organization that receives more than half of its funding from a foreign political entity would have to indicate as much in any publication or letter. The Knesset voted to pass a controversial law requiring organizations mostly funded by foreign governments to prominently label themselves as such, in a vote that took place late Monday (July 11, 2016). The debate was expected to take six hours and be followed by votes on 50 proposed changes, before the third and final reading. (more…)


Netanyahu: NGO transparency bill is right, democratic and necessary

editor 4 February 2016

By Lahav Harkov.. Numerous ambassadors have attempted to pressure Israeli lawmakers from passing the bill, especially from Kulanu. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [Photo top right:Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a meeting of Israel’s ambassadors and consul-general. (photo credit:KOBI GIDON / GPO)] to support legislation requiring greater transparency for NGOs funded by foreign governments Monday (February 1, 2016), as European countries pressured individual Israeli lawmakers to vote against it. (more…)


EU Funds Palestinian Radicalism

editor 21 May 2015

By Joseph Puder.. [1]The Guardian newspaper reported (May 13, 2015) that, “A high profile group of former European leaders and diplomats has called for the urgent reassessment [2] of EU policy on the question of the Palestinian state and has insisted that Israel must be held accountable for its actions in the “occupied” territories.” Hypocrisy is defined by the Webster dictionary as quackery, bad faith, bigotry, sham, charlatanry, lip service, among other examples. (more…)


When International Law Blocks The Flow: The Strange Case Of The Kidron Valley Sewage Plant

editor 2 July 2014

By Anne Hertzberg.. [EXCERPTS] On September 6, 2013, Dutch engineering firm Royal HaskoningDHV issued a statement on its website that it was terminating its involvement in a  project to build a wastewater treatment plant in the Kidron Valley, a riverbed running to the Dead Sea through Jerusalem and the West Bank. According to the statement, the company believed “future involvement in the project could be in violation of international law.” (more…)


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