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1946 U.S. Document Reveals Poles Treated Jews As Badly As Germans Did

editor 7 March 2018

By Tamara Zieve.. The report said many Jews preferred to flee, even to Germany, after the war. A declassified US State Department report from 1946 documented the abhorrent treatment of Poland’s Jews before, during and after World War II. The report equated Polish and Nazi treatment of the Jewish population and said many Jews preferred to flee, even to Germany, after the war. The document, titled “The Jews in Poland Since the Liberation,” was obtained by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and shown exclusively to The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, the same day a Polish governmental delegation arrived in Israel to discuss Warsaw’s contentious “Holocaust law,” which has caused a diplomatic crisis between the two countries. [Photo top right: A sign reading “Stop!” in German and Polish is seen at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp | Credit:REUTERS].  (more…)


Rare color footage of the Nazis and their crimes against the Jews [disturbing content]

editor 21 February 2018

By Israel Video Network.. This video of the devil on earth – in full color – is absolutely critical to view. Hitler’s plans to systematically destroy the entire Jewish nation was so beyond the imagination of so many that the idea of anti-semitism going from occasional pogroms to massive killing and then a systematic killing of all Jews was simply beyond anything that could be imagined. This is a very important point to learn for the future. What is unfathomable can indeed become reality. (more…)


Hitler’s British death island

editor 13 May 2017

By Colonel Richard Kemp and John Weigold.. Astonishing story of how the Nazis murdered 40,000 people in Channel Island concentration camps – and planned to blitz the South Coast with chemical weapons. On a spring afternoon, the grassy headland is bursting with a joy that lifts the soul. Sunshine, blue sea and sky; splashes of golden gorse catch the light and bluebells sway in the breeze; larks float on air currents while gannets in their thousands swoop and screech on a rocky island below. This is the southern tip of Alderney, smallest of the three main Channel Islands. Across the water, Guernsey, Sark and Jersey glisten. It has to be one of the most beautiful, tranquil and inspiring sights in the whole of Britain. But close your eyes, take your mind back 75 years . . . and this idyll is a scene of sheer horror. [Photo top right: Gorse]. (more…)


Woman who received doctorate 77 years after Nazis denied it to her dies aged 104

editor 29 March 2017

By WJC.. Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport, who became Germany’s oldest recipient of a doctorate almost eight decades after fleeing the Nazis, has died at the age of 104. A specialist in newborn care, Syllm-Rapoport received world-wide attention when she passed her oral exam at the University of Hamburg at the age of 102, in 2015. (more…)


Saving 13 Jewish ‘spies’

editor 29 October 2016

By Benjamin Glatt.. In the middle of the Second World War, German jurist and military intelligence officer Hans von Dohnanyi conceived of a daring idea to help some of his Jewish friends escape the Nazis. Abwehr Chief Admiral Wilhelm Canaris encouraged the members of his German military intelligence unit to help save as many Jews as possible, and along with General Hans Oster, von Dohnanyi came up with Operation U-7, a clandestine plan to smuggle 13 Jews out of the Nazi Reich. (more…)


Kristallnacht – The Night of Broken Glass, Videos Part 1-5

editor 10 November 2015

By History Channel.. After Adolf Hitler’s rise, in Germany, he quickly consolidated his power base.  His initial moves were not against Jews but against his political opponents. About thirty thousand Communists, Socialists, Unionists and Catholics were imprisoned – without trial – at a place called Dachau.  Some people saw these early actions as very dangerous for Germany’s future. In addition to racist laws, school curriculum began to portray Jewish people in a very negative light.  Then Germans were encouraged to boycott Jewish businesses. (more…)


Uncovering my Family’s History—Or a Clever Scam—75 Years After Kristallnacht

editor 9 November 2015

By Eric L.Muller.. This is a story of my own foolishness. I got scammed on the Internet. I lost some money—not a fortune, but enough to sting a little. I didn’t offer assistance to a deposed Nigerian government minister or try to collect winnings from a lottery I never entered. I went looking for a movie of my great-uncle Leopold being marched to his death by the Nazis, and someone in Germany took advantage of me. (more…)


The Mufti and the Holocaust, Revisited

editor 31 October 2015

By Ben Cohen.. – If a man was a Jew, it was good enough for him to be killed or stamped out,” wrote a senior British official serving abroad to his superiors in London in 1929. From where was this gentleman—Major Alan Saunders—writing his dispatch? From Munich or Berlin or any of the other German cities where Hitler’s Nazi Party was gaining supporters and street thugs? In fact, no. Major Saunders was the head of the British Police in Palestine during the mandate period, and his statement concerned the massacre by Arabs, in August 1929, of 69 Jews in Hebron, a city where their community had been a consistent presence for at least two millennia. (more…)


The confounding case of the Kastner trains and Kolozsvar ghetto

editor 5 September 2015

By Milad Doroudian.. In 1955, inside a courtroom in the young nation of Israel, a man by the name of Rudolf Kastner was said to have “sold his soul to the devil” due to the fact that he cut a deal with the infamous Adolf Eichmann to save Jews from concentration camps a decade earlier. Although it was deemed to be an undoubted act of good, many Holocaust survivors criticised Kastner for the way he went about and did it. Two years after the trial Kastner was found murdered in his home in Tel Aviv. (more…)


Remembering a Fighter Against Oppression of Jews and Blacks

editor 6 June 2015

By Rafael Medoff/ Before he gained fame for posing as an African-American in order to expose racism, journalist John Howard Griffin secretly helped rescue Jewish children from the Nazis. With race relations in America now at the center of a national debate, this summer’s 75th anniversary of Griffin’s rescue work in Nazi-occupied France takes on special meaning. (more…)


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