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Operation Harpoon: How The Mossad and an Israeli NGO Destroyed Terrorist Money Networks

editor 11 November 2017

By Yonah Jeremy Bob.. A newly released book sheds light on a secret operation that put a halt to terror funding for some of the organizations that threaten the Jewish state. Former government sources have told The Jerusalem Post that Israel’s Operation Harpoon, carried out by a range of Mossad, Shin Bet and other operatives, was revolutionary in that it was “not just about following the money, but about destroying terrorists’ money networks.” (more…)


Mossad to release never-published file on Nazi Angel of Death

editor 9 September 2017

By Tamara Zieve.. Much of Mengele’s life remains a mystery. After the fall of Hitler, Mengele reportedly fled to Buenos Aires where he is believed to have lived for a decade. Previously classified Mossad files about the spy agency’s unsuccessful attempts to capture notorious Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele will be available to the public later this week (first week of September, 2017). The reports, photographs and maps from the code-named “Meltzer File” about the chase after the so-called “Angel of Death” are among three volumes put together by the Mossad’s history unit about operations to capture Nazi war criminals spanning from 1959 to 1991. [Photo top right: Josef Mengele (1911-1979), German SS officer. Photo taken by a police photographer in 1956 in Buenos Aires for Mengele’s Argentine identification document. Wikimedia Commons.](more…)


In Wake of Paris Attacks, Ex-Mossad Chief Says Time for America, Europe to Adopt Israeli Security Model

editor 20 November 2015

By Algemeiner Staff.. As New York City ramped up security in the wake of last Friday’s (November 13, 2015) deadly assault by ISIS in Paris, a former Mossad chief told conservative site Breitbart that deploying armed guards at cafes, theaters and shops, as is done in Israel, would be advisable for the US and European coutries. Stationing guards at these types of soft targets — including public transportation as well — is part of what Shabtai Shavit called Israel’s three-pronged approach to combating terrorism.



PA daily: Israeli Mossad behind the Paris attacks

editor 18 November 2015

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques.. Official PA daily:  Israeli Mossad behind Paris terror attacks, they serve evil Netanyahu’s goals PA and Fatah respond to Paris terror attacks. A new opportunity to vilify and demonize Israel. Israel = ISIS. Israel “breeds violence in the entire world”. PLO: West’s own fault because it has not condemned “Zionist terror”. 


PM Netanyahu Attends Event Marking the Mossad’s 65th Anniversary

editor 2 October 2015

By PM Benjamin Netanhyahu.. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Intelligence Affairs Minister Yisrael Katz and Mossad Director Tamir Pardo, this morning (September 24, 2015), attended a festive holiday toast at the Mossad to mark 65 years since it was established.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We cannot solve the fundamental problems of the Middle East. They are revealed in all their power, and today our enemy is twofold: It is Shiite radical Islam led by Iran and its proxies and the Sunni [radical Islam], which for now is led by ISIS. (more…)


Uganda’s relationship with Israel – The Uganda scheme 1903

Andrew Tucker 22 August 2012

Popularly known as the Uganda Scheme, the East Africa Scheme was a plan to resettle Jews in British East Africa. On April 2, 1903, British colonial secretary Joseph Chamberlain suggested to Zionist leader Theodor Herzl that Uganda in British East Africa might be an ideal place to settle Jewish immigrants. (more…)


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