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Israeli wall rising near border with Lebanon stokes tensions

editor 15 September 2018

By Ilan Ben Zion.. Israel is building a massive wall along its northern border, saying the barrier is needed to protect civilians from Hezbollah attacks, but the project has raised tensions with Lebanon, which fears the fence will encroach on its territory. The Israeli military insists the entire barrier is being constructed in Israeli territory, and the U.N. peacekeeping force in the area agrees. [Photo top right: Construction work near a new concrete wall on the border between Israel and Lebanon near Rosh Hanikra in Northern Israel on September 5, 2018. Photo by Basel Awidat/Flash90].  (more…)


The Great Middle Eastern War of 2019

editor 15 September 2018

By Maj. Nadav Ben Hour, IDF and Michael Eisenstadt.. Far from simply replaying the 2006 Lebanon war, the next conflict on Israel’s northern frontier will likely involve many more actors on multiple fronts, raising unprecedented challenges for escalation management. Growing tensions on Israel’s northern border have raised concerns about yet another Israel-Hezbollah confrontation or a war between Israel and Iran in Syria. Such a war may not be limited to the original participants, but could involve an array of Shi’a militias and even the Assad regime, and could span the region—thereby affecting vital U.S. interests. (more…)


The BBC Promotes What It Previously Called ‘Conspiracy Theories’ to Smear Israel

editor 28 July 2018

By Hadar Sela.. On the morning of July 22, the IDF announced the completion of the overnight evacuation of 800 Syrian “White Helmets” personnel and their families from southern Syria through Israel into Jordan. The evacuation took place from Quneitra, which straddles the frontier with the Golan Heights and where the civil defense team was trapped. … The evacuees arrived at the border with Israel, and the IDF opened the gates and let them through. Medical treatment was provided to those in need, and the evacuees were provided with food and water. [Photo top right: View of the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, seen from the Israeli side of the border, on July 23, 2018. Photo by David Cohen/Flash90].  (more…)


Israel Responds to Hamas Attack & Launches Biggest Strike on Gaza Since 2014 War

editor 17 July 2018

By Avi Abelow.. Israel launched a strike on Gaza after Hamas launched close to 200 rockets and mortars into Israel over the weekend (July 14, 2018). “The focus of the attack is a wide-scale strike of the Hamas Battalion HQ in Beit Lahia.  That includes urban warfare training facilities, weapon storage warehouse, training compounds, command centers, offices and more,” the IDF said in a statement. (more…)


Israeli Ingenuity: Responding To The Growing Threat Of Enemy Drones

editor 6 July 2018

By Yonah Jeremy Bob.. Even with all of those holes to fill, there is no question after seeing this demonstration that Skylock is on the way to filling some of the gaps and reducing the country’s overall vulnerability. The Mitzpe Ramon desert area seemed as desolate as ever, with no noise or activity as far as we could see in a 360-degree panorama from the mountaintop. Then suddenly there was a buzzing noise and movement. A test attack drone had come into visual and auditory range of our position. [Photo top right: View of a new security drone that was donated by the “International Fellowship of Christians and Jews” during a ceremony in Efart, in the West Bank on May 6, 2018. Photo by Gershon Elinson/Flash90].  (more…)


Netanyahu Puts Israel’s Enemies On Notice Ahead Of Trump Announcement

editor 8 May 2018

By Herb Keinon and Michael Wilner.. Though the premier did not directly mention Iran, he said that anyone who strikes Israel should know that Israel will strike them back. Israel’s enemies threatening it with destruction should know that they cannot destroy the country and are instead placing themselves in great danger, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday (May 7, 2018). [Photo top right: Notice | Photo credit: Nick Youngson, Creative Commons].  (more…)


Gaza and the worthlessness of international opinion

editor 9 April 2018

By Jonathan S. Tobin.. Even though the Palestinian “March of Return” was far from peaceful, Israel’s critics still absolve Hamas. Was the Palestinian “March of Return” a propaganda success for Hamas? If you think Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is a reliable barometer of international opinion, then maybe the answer is “yes.” On Sunday (April 1, 2018), Sanders—the former and possibly future Democratic presidential contender—illustrated the vast difference between the Trump administration and the left wing of the Democratic Party when he tweeted his support for the march, as well as his criticism of actions by the Israel Defence Forces at the border: “The killing of Palestinian demonstrators by Israeli forces in Gaza is tragic. It is the right of all people to protest for a better future without a violent response.” [Photo top right: Palestinian protesters during clashes with Israeli security forces near the border with Israel, east of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, on April 1, 2018. Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90].  (more…)


Graham returns from Israel: We must ‘stop the Iran-Assad machine’

editor 1 March 2018

By Joe Gould.. WASHINGTON — War between Israel and Iranian proxy forces is imminent, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators warned Tuesday (February 27, 2018) after a trip to the Middle East last week. “Any time you leave a meeting where the request is ammunition, ammunition, ammunition, that’s probably not good,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said of a meeting with Israeli officials. Graham is the Senate’s lead appropriator for the U.S. State Department and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. [Photo top right: Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is the Senate’s lead appropriator for the U.S. State Department and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)].  (more…)


The Middle East’s Coming War

editor 14 February 2018

By Ronan Bergman.. In the early hours of Saturday morning (February 10, 2018), the Middle East was on the brink of yet another war. During the night, according to my high-ranking sources, Israel’s intelligence services had been tracking an Iranian drone that was launched by the Quds division of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from the Tiyas air base in central Syria. A minute and a half after the drone entered Israeli airspace, an Israeli Air Force attack helicopter shot it out of the sky. Simultaneously, eight Israeli fighter jets fired missiles at the drone’s command and control center at Tiyas, blowing it up, along with the Iranians manning the center. (Iran has denied that its drone was shot down or that its troops were killed.) [Photo top right: Remains of an Israeli F-16 fighter jet that crashed in northern Israel on Saturday, after coming under antiaircraft fire. CreditAbir Sultan/European Pressphoto Agency].  (more…)


Film chronicling 3 wounded Israeli soldiers to help high school students connect on Yom Hazikaron

editor 9 February 2018

By Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA).. Dozens of high schools from around the world will connect with Israel’s military on the country’s Memorial Day, Yom Hazikaron, by following the stories of three soldiers injured in recent wars. The students will watch a screening of the film “When the Smoke Clears: A Story of Brotherhood, Resilience and Hope, by Imagination Productions, which follows three soldiers, each seriously injured during a recent battle or war in Israel and the daily struggles they have emotionally and physically. [Photo top right: “When the smoke clears” header image].  (more…)


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