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Erdogan: You Are a Terrorist, Netanyahu: You Are a Butcher

editor 7 April 2018

By Herb Keinon.. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday (April 1, 2018) with slaughter in the northern Syrian city of Afrin, taking off his gloves and responding in kind to Erdogan’s sharp criticism of Israel’s reaction to Friday’s (March 30, 2018) march in Gaza. “Erdogan is not used to people responding to him, but he should start getting used to it,” Netanyahu said. “Anyone who occupies northern Cyprus, invades the Kurdish strip and slaughters citizens in Afrin, should not lecture us about values and ethics.” (more…)


Erdogan Invokes Islamic Text Sanctioning Killing Jews at Party Convention

editor 21 December 2017

By John Rossomando.. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan invoked a Muslim hadith commonly used by Hamas and other terrorist supporters to sanction the killing of Jews, during a party convention last Sunday (December 10, 2017). “[T]hose who think they own Jerusalem better know that tomorrow they won’t be able to hide behind trees,” Erdogan said, according to a translation by dissident Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt. Last year, Erdogan shut down Bozkurt’s former newspaper, Today’s Zaman, which had Turkey’s largest circulation. (more…)


Erdogan Threatens Halting Relations With Israel Amid Kurdish Independance Vote

editor 27 September 2017

By Reuters, Staff.. Israel is the only nation to publicly support the Kurdish independence referendum. ERBIL, Iraq – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated on Tuesday afternoon (September 26, 2017) that “If Israel does not reconsider its support for Kurdish independence, Turkey could not take any steps” with the Jewish State, according to the Turkish news outlet Daily Sabah. [Photo top right: Kurdish man holds an Israeli and Kurdish flag during a rally to show their support for the upcoming September 25th independence referendum in Erbil, Iraq September 16, 2017 (REUTERS/AZAD LASHKARIG)].  (more…)


Turkey’s Mass Persecution of Christians and Kurds

editor 6 September 2017

By Uzay Bulut.. Yazidis, Alevis and women in the region are also being abused by Turkish authorities, and dozens of Kurdish journalists who have publicized this have been imprisoned. This hatred of Christians and Kurds in Turkey is not restricted to government officials. It is widespread among the public, as well, and expressed extensively on social media. The situation of minorities in Turkey and their persecution by Turkey — a member of NATO and perpetual candidate for EU membership — must be told as often and as loudly as possible. (more…)


‘I don’t agree with what Hitler did and I don’t agree with what Israel did in Gaza’

editor 26 November 2016

By JPOST.COM Staff, Herb Keinon.. In full interview with Israel’s Channel 2, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan speaks of Israel and Turkey’s reconciliation, the 2010 Mavi Marmara crisis and his relations with Hamas. Just a week after Israel and Turkey resumed full diplomatic ties by mutually naming new ambassadors, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sounded anything but conciliatory in an interview aired Monday (November 21, 2016) in which he refused to back down from comments equating Israel’s actions in Gaza in 2014 with Nazi atrocities. [Photo top right: Hamas a “political movement born from the national resurrection.” according to Pres. Erdogan] (more…)


Turkey’s Erdoğan Continues Harsh Repression of Political Opponents

editor 25 November 2016

By Stephen Schwartz and Veli Sirin..  Turkey’s Islamist president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, appears as the sole person in his country’s politics who knows what he wants. Erdoğan seeks absolute power and acts against all obstacles to his ambitions. He is eager to identify new “enemies” whose purported conspiracies he believes justify his harsh rule. (more…)


Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire

editor 27 October 2016

By Nick Danforth.. In the past few weeks, a conflict between Ankara and Baghdad over Turkey’s role in the liberation of Mosul has precipitated an alarming burst of Turkish irredentism. On two separate occasions, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized the Treaty of Lausanne, which created the borders of modern Turkey, for leaving the country too small. He spoke of the country’s interest in the fate of Turkish minorities living beyond these borders, as well as its historic claims to the Iraqi city of Mosul, near which Turkey has a small military base. (more…)


Today (August 24, 2016) Major Prophecy Was Fulfilled.

editor 31 August 2016

By Walid Shoebat.. Today (August 24, 2016) major prophecy was fulfilled. The date August 24th is prophetically significant for muslims worldwide sparking Islam’s caliphate empire and is why Turkey today sent a massive land invasion to Syria. What the western media is NOT telling you is that today, August 24th, is the birthday when the Ottomans sparked their takeover of the Middle East at the Battle of Dābiq, defeating the Mamluk Sultanate on August 24th 1516, near the town of Dabiq in Syria. (more…)


Critical meeting will determine fate of Turkish forces post-coup

editor 27 July 2016

By Metin Gurcan.. The Turkish government has detained so many military personnel since the July 15, 2016 coup attempt that it has moved up a Supreme Military Council (SMC) meeting to determine what to do next and what reforms are needed in the Turkish military (TSK). [Photo top right:Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (C) chairs the annual meeting of the Supreme Military Council as he is flanked by top army officers in Ankara, Aug. 1, 2011. (photo by REUTERS/Umit Bektas)] (more…)


Why Turkey Needed to Reconcile Its Ties With Israel

editor 1 July 2016

By Armin Rosen.. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and Benjamin Netanyahu announced the details of a deal on Monday (June 27, 2016), restoring diplomatic ties between the two countries. Israel and Turkey are restoring diplomatic relations, roughly six years after an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla killed nine Turkish citizens, and three years after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized for that raid at President Barack Obama’s urging. The two countries, whose militaries used to hold joint exercises and conducted some $2 billion in yearly bilateral trade in the mid-2000s, will once again enjoy a fully normalized relationship. (more…)


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