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400 Silent Years? The Little Horn – The Anti-Christ (Part 12)

editor 16 July 2014

Lance Lambert.. If it is true that we are living in the last time, the Anti-Christ must soon appear! Have we any indication at all? The whole period from the Persian King Cambyses 530 BC to the Maccabees in 165 BC was predicted and foretold by Daniel. So detailed were his predictions that some could only believe that they were history written up under the guise of prophecy. (more…)


SILENCE… before the storm by Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer

editor 5 June 2014

By Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer.. “When he opened the seventh seal, there was SILENCE in heaven for about half an hour. And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them.”- Revelation 8:1-2.

The seventh seal of the scroll is broken. The scroll that – as a guardian-redeemer’s deed – contains the right of the lawful owner of heaven and earth. The lawful owner is the Creator of heaven and earth. (more…)


Project Info Aliyah: Bnei Menashe

editor 15 October 2013

By Michael Freund..

“It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24)


Our prayers have been answered!!
This morning (Sunday October 13, 2013), the Government of Israel unanimously passed the resolution allowing Shavei Israel to bring another 900 members of the Lost Tribe of Bnei Menashe home from India to Zion!!

Full Transcript: Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Speech at the United Nations General Assembly, 2013

editor 3 October 2013

Below is the video recording and the full transcript of remarks made by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at the 2013 United Nations General Asembly on Tuesday October 1, 2013. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Thank you, Mr. President.

By PM Benjamin Netanyahu.. I feel deeply honored and privileged to stand here before you today representing the citizens of the state of Israel. We are an ancient people. We date back nearly 4,000 years to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have journeyed through time. We’ve overcome the greatest of adversities. (more…)


The dilemma of Israel’s capital

editor 3 October 2013

By Aviel Schneider.. Israeli politicians love to praise Jerusalem as “the eternal capital of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.” But these lofty words are not backed up with deeds. Despite an official decision in 2008 to move all government ministries to Jerusalem within eight years, little if anything has been done. (more…)


Israel: Our peace partners can’t, won’t keep promises

editor 2 October 2013

By Ryan Jones.. Israeli defense officials say the killing of two IDF soldiers in recent days again demonstrates that the Palestinian Authority either can’t or won’t honor its security obligations as part of any peace agreement.

Israel’s primary goal in the peace process is to end decades of Arab violence against the nation’s Jewish population. Even the demand that the Palestinian Authority officially recognize Israel as the Jewish state is tied to this goal, as it will blunt arguments that terrorism against Israel is justified because the Jews are foreign usurpers. (more…)


In Mexico, fake rabbis sell conversions to Judaism

editor 28 August 2013

By Manuel Hernández.. For more than a decade now, scammers in Mexico have been blatantly cheating people in the name of Judaism. Having located the spiritual hunger of many, they sell conversions to Judaism even when they lack the legitimacy to perform these. They take advantage of the ignorance of people who have the wish to convert to Judaism and who, innocently, fall on the ‘bitter side of faith’. (more…)


Focus on the Future (Series 3 / Episode 8)

editor 5 June 2013

By Rev Willem Glashouwer.. When you look at the future the Bible speaks very clearly about the end times. And part of the end times is also about the coming of what the Bible calls “antichrist”. The word antichrist has two parts. The word anti and Christ. Anti in Greek means “instead of”, “in the place of”. So antichrist means “a christ” instead of Christ. “A Christ” in the place of Christ. “The prince of peace” in the place of the true Prince of Peace, who is Jesus. So antichrist is a kind of savior instead of the true Savior. (more…)


Focus on the Future (Series 2, Episode 9)

editor 11 April 2013

By Rev Willem Glashouwer.. Why end times? Because the Bible speaks about it. God knows the history of this world. He knows what is going to happen to planet earth. He leads the history of this world towards His goal. And His goal is the coming of His Kingdom and the coming of Jesus in glory! Imagine it for a minute that the clouds open up, that the Shekinah Glory of God covering the Holiness of God will bring Jesus back to planet earth. That is going to happen, but before that happens there will be a dark period. (more…)


They Claim to Speak for God (Part 1)

editor 24 March 2013

By T.A. Mc Mahon.. A very large part of Christendom in the United States is enamored with those who claim to speak for God. If you think that’s an overstatement, simply tune into some of the programing on Trinity Broadcasting Network or some of the other cable religious networks. What you will see are churches filled with thousands of Christians hanging on to every word of a man or a woman who is declaring what God has just revealed to him or her. The content ranges from the mundane to the bizarre. (more…)


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