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The U.S.-Israel economic bond

editor 28 February 2017

By Jon Medved.. Much of the talk around President Trump’s meeting this week with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House surrounds the political and security relationship between the two countries. That is important. But it is only part of the story. Despite having a tiny population of eight million people, Israel is playing a crucial role in helping to power the U.S. economy for the next generation. (more…)


Business Analyst Explains Why ‘You Will Work for Israel One Day’

editor 11 February 2016

By Shiryn Ghermezian.. A column published by business magazine Inc. noted that Israel’s investment in tech research and development is giving it an edge over other countries. The Jewish state is among the three countries that “understand the connection between today’s R&D investment and tomorrow’s economic success,” wrote contributor Erik Sherman on Thursday. (more…)


Did You Know? (Video)

editor 10 April 2014

By Keshet Israel.. Did you know about these facts concerning Israel?


  • Many of the world’s largest companies have established R&D centers in Israel amongst them Intel, IBM, Motorola, Applied Materials, BMC, Creo, Marvell, Cisco, HP and Microsoft,
  • Most of the Windows NT and XP operating systems were developed by Microsoft-Israel. (more…)

The October Surprise

editor 11 October 2012

By Mike Evans.. Two questions on the minds of leaders in the United States and the world is: Will there be an October surprise? Will Israel attack Iran before the presidential election?

The answer can be found in the ancient Jewish scriptures in II Samuel 11:1, “In the spring of the year, the kings go out to battle.” Simply said, Israel will not attack until the spring. The new wars of the twenty-first century, unlike the wars of the twentieth century, are first waged as economic wars. (more…)


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