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Israel cannot deny the reality that BDS is in decline

editor 1 February 2018

By Ben Cohen/ Recently, I’ve been nursing some concerns about the way the Israeli government is handling its response to the BDS campaign against the Jewish state, and with it the wider challenges of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in the Western world. Some of my concerns have already been expressed with enviable clarity by two other commentators—my JNS colleague Jonathan Tobin, and The Times of Israel’s Haviv Rettig Gur. [Photo top right: A protest in London calling for a boycott of Israel. Credit: Claudia Gabriela Marques Vieira via Wikimedia Commons].  (more…)


European meltdown threatens Jews…writes Isi Leibler

editor 28 December 2016

By Isi Leibler.. Today, Diaspora Jewish communities are suffering severe trauma as they experience erosion of the acceptance and security they enjoyed over the past half century. Whether it be Paris, Johannesburg, New York, Melbourne or any city with a Jewish community, the anti-Semitism expressed as feverish hatred of the Jewish state — incubated over the past decade by a witches’ brew of Muslim, far-left and traditional anti-Semitism — is again transforming many Jews into pariahs. [Photo top right: Isi Leibler] (more…)


Diaspora Ministry official calls for expanded aid to Ukraine Jews

editor 22 January 2015

By Jerusalem Post.. Israeli government funds have been used for the rehabilitation of refugees through a partnership with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. The Diaspora Affairs Ministry will likely push for further aid to Jews displaced by the Ukrainian civil war, The Jerusalem Post has learned. (more…)


Melanie Phillips Calls For New Strategy to Present Israel’s Case (Video)

editor 11 September 2014

By HonestReporting.. Prominent British commentator Melanie Phillips addressed a crowd of nearly 300 people in Jerusalem’s Heichal Shlomo building on Wednesday evening, August 27, 2014. The event was organized by HonestReporting, whose offices are located in that building, to address the subject: “The Jewish Diaspora: Paying the Price for Gaza.”  (more…)


Nigeria’s Igbo Jews: ‘Lost tribe’ of Israel?

editor 7 February 2013

By Chika Oduah.. Abuja, Nigeria (CNN) — A Shabbat service is underway at the Ghihon Hebrew Research synagogue in the Jikwoyi suburb of Nigeria’s federal capital territory.

Fourteen year-old Kadmiel Izungu Abor heads there with his family. They walk alongside stray goats on a road covered in red dust and potholes, lined with open sewage. They are nearly 20 kilometers away from the modern multi-story office buildings and sprawling mansions in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja. (more…)


The Preservation of the Jewish People

editor 14 September 2012

By Dr. William C. Varner .. The visiting preacher opened his message with the following statement: “Today I want to tell you how to destroy the Jewish people. The title of his sermon, in fact, stood out boldly in the church bulletin: “How to Destroy the Jewish People.”

It even had appeared in the local newspaper that week in an advertisement for the special meetings the church was conducting with the guest evangelist—and it had generated no little commotion in town. (more…)


Can Israel be defeated?

editor 15 September 2011

By Giulio Meotti.. Israel’s victory in 1967, its superiority in weaponry, the success of its economy, and its triumph in every war in which its existence was at stake has bred a dangerous complacency. Indeed, most Israelis today ridicule the very idea of Israel’s impermanence.


Israel, God’s sign of hope

editor 15 April 2010

Isaiah 43:2, 3a, 5-8: Do we see the works of God today? For many it is a valid a question; but a great miracle is unfolding before our very eyes! We are a privileged generation. Are you looking for a sign of God’s presence in this world? Look at Israel! We are the generation who are allowed to experience the return of the Jewish people to the land and city of their fathers! (more…)


100 years of Zionism

editor 30 June 2009

“I will bring your children from the East and gather you from the West. I will say to the North, ‘Give them up!’ and to the South, ‘Do not hold them back’. Bring My sons from afar, and my daughters from the ends of the earth”. (Isaiah 43: 5-6). (more…)


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