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What Is a “Refugee”? The Jews from Morocco versus the Palestinians from Israel

editor 15 March 2018

By Alan M. Dershowitz.. The Arab exodus from Israel in 1948 was the direct result of a genocidal war declared against the newly established Jewish state by all of its Arab neighbors, including the Arabs of Israel. Approximately 700,000 local Arabs were displaced. Approximately the same number of Jews were displaced from their Arab homelands during this period. Nearly all of them could trace their heritage back thousands of years, well before the Muslims and Arabs became the dominant population. [Photo top right: Jews and Arabs shop at the market in the Central israeli town of Ramle, January 03, 2018. Photo by Yaakov Lederman/FLASH90].  (more…)


How Ten Dem (Dumb) Members of Congress Encourage the Use of Child Terrorists

editor 1 December 2017

By Alan M. Dershowitz.. Now ten members of the “progressive caucus” of the Democratic Party are trying to give these terrorist leaders another reason for using even younger terrorists to kill even more innocent civilians. The bill fails to acknowledge that some of the most barbaric terrorist attacks against Jewish Israelis have been committed by Palestinian teens who have been recruited by terrorist leaders. Israel has a right — according to international law — to protect its citizens from constant terror attacks, even those committed by young Palestinians. Indeed, it has an obligation to do so. [Photo top right: Alan Dershowitz. (Image source: Fox News video screenshot)].  (more…)


The Daily Californian Refuses to Publish My Response to an Anti-Semitic Op-Ed

editor 10 November 2017

By Alan M. Dershowitz.. On November 3 (2017), The Daily Californian published an op-ed by Matthew Taylor, explicitly accusing me of having “blood on his [my] hands” and being “culpable for the perpetuation of…[Israeli] atrocities.” The article was worse than the cartoon itself. But when I tried to write a factual response to his false accusations, the Daily Californian categorically refused to publish it, thus demonstrating their obvious bias. I have attached my response here so it can be widely read. Taylor crosses his own line into bigotry. (more…)


The Anti-Israel Agenda

editor 27 July 2017

By Matthew Thorn.. Review of The Anti-Israel Agenda – Inside the Political War on the Jewish State. Author: Alex Ryvchin.

Background reference from the website’s editor: The book is edited and co-written by Alex Ryvchin and brings together the finest minds devoted to the question of Israel, including Alan Dershowitz, Colonel Richard Kemp, Alan Johnson and Hillel Neuer to uncover the latest campaign to destroy the Jewish State. The basic thesis is that undeterred by the failure of conventional war and terrorism to drive the Jewish people from their land, Israel’s foes now seek to politically isolate and economically cripple the State until it can no longer defend its interests or its people. (more…)


Alan Dershowitz: Terrorism Persists Because It Has Been Rewarded

editor 26 May 2017

By Alan Dershowitz.. Every time a horrendous terrorist attack victimizes innocent victims we wring our hands and promise to increase security and take other necessary preventive measures. But we fail to recognize how friends and allies play such an important role in encouraging, incentivizing, and inciting terrorism. (more…)


The Day After the Election

editor 10 November 2016

By Alan M. Dershowitz.. With the world’s attention focused on the U.S. presidential election, some attention must be devoted to the problems we will continue to face the day after the election, regardless of who is elected. (link from ed.) Here are some of these problems.
1. The world will continue to move away from the center and toward the extremes on both the right and the left. In many parts of Europe — from Poland to Hungary to Greece — neo-fascist parties are strengthening their influence in their governments. In the United States the “alt-right” has been considerably strengthened during this election. (more…)


Debating Against BDS – and Winning

editor 7 November 2015

By Alan M. Dershowitz.. When I was invited to debate in favor of the motion “Is BDS Wrong?” at the Oxford Union, I fully expected to lose the vote of the 250 or so students and faculty who are members of the oldest debate society in the world. “Israel always loses at Oxford,” I was warned by colleagues who had debated other Israel-related issues. Nonetheless, I decided to participate, hoping to change some minds. (more…)


The Appalling Talk of Boycotting Netanyahu

editor 28 February 2015

By Alan M. Dershowitz.. Congress has every right, and even an obligation, to hear the Israeli leader speak about the Iranian threat. As a liberal Democrat who twice campaigned for President Barack Obama , I am appalled that some Democratic members of Congress are planning to boycott the speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 3 to a joint session of Congress. At bottom, this controversy is not mainly about protocol and politics—it is about the constitutional system of checks and balances and the separation of powers. (more…)


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