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The new Democratic Party

editor 11 October 2017

By Caroline Glick.. Since 2015, Britain has been one election away from having an antisemitic prime minister backed by antisemitic voters. If current trends in the Democratic Party continue, in the not-so-distant future, the United States might be in the same position.Two years ago, Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of Britain’s main opposition Labor Party. That officially put an end to Tony Blair’s alignment of the Labor Party with the political center in Britain, both in economic and in foreign affairs. (more…)


Sweden’s Walking Diplomatic Disaster

editor 21 January 2016

By Ingrid Carlqvist..  It seems that pretty much everything is going wrong for Sweden’s Foreign Minister these days. Margot Wallström [see photo top right Margot Wallstrom and a Hamas militant. (photo credit:REUTERS)], of the Social Democratic Party, ascended with much fanfare to the post of Foreign Minister in the fall of 2014. She had introduced a completely new concept: a feminist foreign policy. In the Statement of Foreign Policy of 2015, she asserted that “A feminist foreign policy is now being formulated, the purpose of which is to combat discrimination against women, improve conditions for women and contribute to peace and development.” (more…)


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