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Danon calls on UNSC to take action against PA’s Payments to Terrorists

editor 17 May 2017

By Danielle Ziri.. “It is absurd to condemn terror, while at the same time paying terrorists.” NEW YORK – Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon asked the UN Security Council on Thursday (May 11, 2017) to “take action” and call on the Palestinian Authority to stop paying terrorists for killing civilians in Israel. “In 2016, the PA dedicated almost $130 million of its budget to paying imprisoned terrorists,” he said during a short press conference. “They spent another $175 million in allowances to the families of so-called martyrs. [Photo top right: Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon. (photo credit: Courtesy of The Israeli Mission at UN)].


Israel named head of UN body for first time

editor 14 June 2016

By Itamar Eichner.. An Israeli ambassador to the UN will head a UN committee for the first time since joining the organization in 1949, Danon was elected after a diplomatic campaign including opposition by Muslim member-states. After months of behind-the-scenes diplomatic struggles, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon was elected to head the UN Legal Committee (officially named the Sixth Committee) on Monday (June 13, 2016). (more…)


UN’s Ban Ki-Moon accuses Israel of ‘breeding’ Palestinian terror attacks

editor 17 December 2015

By Danielle Ziri.. “Instead of wasting your time trying to rationalize Palestinian terrorism, the UN should confront the Palestinian Authority to eradicate incitement,” Israel’s envoy to UN Danon says in response. NEW YORK – In a message delivered on his behalf to a conference on the Rights of Palestinian people and the situation in Jerusalem organized this week in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon said that the recent Palestinian attacks on Israelis are “bred from nearly five decades of Israeli occupation.” (more…)


Amb Danon addresses UN General Assembly on the Question of Palestine

editor 26 November 2015

By Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. Today (November 23, 2015), the UN commemorated the Palestinian Solidarity Day, and passed a series of anti-Israel resolutions. Ambassador Danny Danon told the General Assembly: “The heinous murder of innocent Israelis, just because they are Israelis, is no different than the cruel massacre of innocents in France.” (more…)


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