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Israel, God’s sign of hope

editor 15 April 2010

Isaiah 43:2, 3a, 5-8: Do we see the works of God today? For many it is a valid a question; but a great miracle is unfolding before our very eyes! We are a privileged generation. Are you looking for a sign of God’s presence in this world? Look at Israel! We are the generation who are allowed to experience the return of the Jewish people to the land and city of their fathers! (more…)


Repentance as a Christian Attitude Towards Israel

editor 3 November 2009

By Dr. G.H. Cohen Stuart
The Hebrew word for repentance ‘teshuva’ means that the man who turned off, away from the God given road, is called back and returns to that road. Teshuva knows two principle forms. Teshuva out of fear for the final judgment washes away the evil of the soul of a person. Greater is teshuva out of love.. (more…)


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