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Truth in the Joke of CNN and BBC

editor 10 July 2017

By Paula R. Stern.. Old joke that’s gone around and around and each time it comes around, I think that as much as it’s a joke, it really isn’t. This is very much how Israelis are forced to live; forever proving that we are not the ones who started this fight – not in 1948 and not this week where more than a dozen mortars have fallen on Israeli territory (and CNN responded with headlines saying that our forces had attacked Syrian targets). (more…)


Why is CNN Wrong About Israel So Often?

editor 4 September 2015

By Paula R. Stern..A look at one day of CNN reporting leaves anyone who knows what is happening in and about Israel with the feeling that CNN reporters spend most of their time “in the kitchen” attempting to report the news through the blur of whirling food processors, dishwashers, chatting workers and crashing dishes. It’s that…or something much more sinister. (more…)


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