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Turkey’s Mass Persecution of Christians and Kurds

editor 6 September 2017

By Uzay Bulut.. Yazidis, Alevis and women in the region are also being abused by Turkish authorities, and dozens of Kurdish journalists who have publicized this have been imprisoned. This hatred of Christians and Kurds in Turkey is not restricted to government officials. It is widespread among the public, as well, and expressed extensively on social media. The situation of minorities in Turkey and their persecution by Turkey — a member of NATO and perpetual candidate for EU membership — must be told as often and as loudly as possible. (more…)


“Spit on the Cross or Die” Muslim Persecution of Christians, January 2017

editor 3 May 2017

By Raymond Ibrahim.. According to the Christian Association of Nigeria, 900 Christian churches have been destroyed in 12 northern states that adopted Islamic law, in the early 2000s. A blasphemy case was registered against Shaan Taseer — son of Salman Taseer, a human rights activist and defender of persecuted Christians who was assassinated by Muslims — for saying “Merry Christmas.” — Pakistan. [Photo top right: The scene in one of the Churches attacked on Sunday April 9, 2017. (Courtesy: NYTimes)]. (more…)


editor 10 February 2017

By Philip Mollaret.. For years, western politicians have parroted the mantra “Assad must go.” Well Assad hasn’t gone, but almost half a million of the ancient Christian population of Syria have, forced out by a western and Gulf Arab-backed insurrection fuelled by radical Islamic terror. (more…)


Meet the Jew who saved 149 Christian Lives

editor 14 January 2016

By Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel from Israel Inspired Network.. As Christians [photo top right] are facing persecution of Biblical proportions, Christian nations are offering little more than prayer and words of solidarity. Should the State of Israel rise to the occasion and save these Christians facing certain death? (more…)


Influence of Augustine on the Church…

editor 3 September 2015

Dr. Barry Horner. The nature of Reformed eschatology is comprised of several distinguishing characteristics. To begin with there is the thread of Augustinianism. From the fourth century onward, Aurelius Augustine has continued to be a hovering influence over Christendom, and particularly with regard to the church in its institutional form. (more…)


Ukraine names Baptist pastor as acting president. Ukrainian evangelicals issue call for national prayer & reconciliation in wake of violence.

editor 27 February 2014

By Joel C. Rosenberg.. “Oleksandr Turchynov, a well-known Baptist pastor and top opposition politician in Ukraine, took office on Sunday, Feb. 23, as acting president after the Parliament voted to oust President Yanukovych,” reports Christianity Today.

“The collapse of the Yanukovych regime follows three months of growing protests that exploded in last week’s violence, which claimed more than 88 lives,” the article notes. “Many of these protests took place in the Maidan, or Independence Square in the capital city of Kiev.” (more…)


Replacement Theology: Time To Repent (Final-Part 8)

Rev. Willem Glashouwer 8 February 2013

Let His Blood Be On Us And On Our Children

One of the verses that has been used throughout the ages by the Church to teach that Israel has been rejected and placed under a perpetuating curse and judgment of God, and that the Church replaced Israel as the chosen people of God, is Matthew 27:25b: “…Let His blood be on us and on our children” (maybe the background for this expression can be found in Ezekiel 3:16-21). (more…)


What do you consider to be the Second Most Important Sign?

editor 31 October 2012

By J.R. Hall.. At first thought the apostasy of the Church came to mind, because of all the rash of weird and unscriptural movements such as the Emerging Church, the Word of Faith, Yoga and mysticism entering the church, but honestly I think the most prominent ‘second’ sign is that as defined in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 which does in fact contain elements of the falling away of the Church. (more…)


The Anti-Semitism of the Church

editor 9 November 2010

I read the following on the weblog of Hirschi Ayaan Ali, a famous Dutch woman. In the blog she explains that she had applied for asylum in Holland:  “I was granted. The fact that I got asylum gave me the opportunity to study. 
I needed to pass three courses: language, civics and history.
 It was in this preparatory history course that I, for the first time, heard of the Holocaust. I was 24 years old. (more…)


The Judgment of Innocent Bloodshed

Rev. Willem Glashouwer 30 June 2010

“The Old Testament, the first part of the Bible, deals with the old covenant God made with Israel; the New Testament, the second part of the Bible, deals with God’s New covenant made with Christians, with the Church.” (more…)


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