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Israel’s police joins the political opposition to topple Netanyahu

editor 23 February 2018

By Caroline Glick.. Foreign observers may have a hard time squaring Benjamin Netanyahu’s international stature as a statesman with his suddenly vulnerable position at home. Abroad, both those that hate the Israeli prime minister and those that admire him view him as a successful leader. His diplomatic skills have transformed Israel from an international pariah, at the mercy of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the international left, to a rising star on the international scene. (more…)


The Iranian explosion of truth

editor 19 January 2018

By Caroline Glick.. If the Iranian regime is unable to brutally stomp out the countrywide protests raging through the country, and if the protesters achieve their goal of bringing down the regime, they will go down in history as the saviors of millions of people not just in Iran but throughout the world. Given the earth shattering potential of the protests it is extraordinary to see the liberal media in the US and Europe struggle to downplay their significance. [Photo top right: PAAIA, The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans](more…)


Considering Netanyahu’s transformational leadership

editor 18 January 2018

By Caroline Glick.. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the most underappreciated leader Israel has ever had. In the near future, he will likely take Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion’s title of longest serving premier. Yet, Netanyahu is not only perceived as being a leader of less significance than Ben-Gurion. He is considered a less consequential leader than prime ministers like Levi Eshkol, Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon, whose records in office are far thinner than Netanyahu’s. (more…)


The new Democratic Party

editor 11 October 2017

By Caroline Glick.. Since 2015, Britain has been one election away from having an antisemitic prime minister backed by antisemitic voters. If current trends in the Democratic Party continue, in the not-so-distant future, the United States might be in the same position.Two years ago, Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of Britain’s main opposition Labor Party. That officially put an end to Tony Blair’s alignment of the Labor Party with the political center in Britain, both in economic and in foreign affairs. (more…)


Presence of the Jews in the West Bank do not contact prospects for peace – Speech by Caroline Glick

editor 18 July 2013

By Caroline Glick.. Caroline Glick – senior editor of the Jerusalem Post ‘, editor of the website “Latma”, the head of Israel’s security program Freedom Center in Los Angeles and Senior Fellow for the Middle East Center for Security Policy in Washington. Hearing took place on 15 January 2013 at the Royal Geographic British London. Organize a public confrontation of “smart squared” which took part in Danny Dayan (Yesha Council Chairman), Daniel Levy (Geneva) and William Sigharadt (active pro – Palestinian British). (more…)


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