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Iran’s Dilemma: Respond to Israeli Actions in Syria with Terror Attacks Abroad?

editor 4 June 2018

By Yoram Schweitzer.. In view of the public promise by senior Iranian spokespersons that Israel would soon weep over its soldiers just as Iran mourned its soldiers, it remains to be seen if and how Iran will retaliate against Israel’s recent broad counter-attack against Iranian targets in Syria: with what intensity, with what method, and in what location. [Photo top right: Bulgaria Burgas Bus attack June 18, 2012 | Photo credit: Bulgarian Interior Ministry AFP].  (more…)


Meeting with community heads, Bulgarian PM praises Israel

editor 11 September 2017

By WJC.. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov praised Bulgarian Jewry and the state of Israel during a meeting with representatives of their country’s organized Jewish community this weekend. Both Sofia Cohen, the Head of the Central Israelite Spiritual Council, and Alek Oskar, President of the Shalom Organization of Jews in Bulgaria, gave a joint presentation on the contributions of Bulgarian Jews at the GERB Youth Summer University, a program affiliated with the Youth Section of the ruling GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) party. [Photo top right: PM Boiko Borissov. Wikimedia Commons.] (more…)


Bulgaria to Try Hezbollah Suspects Four Years After Deadly Attack on Israeli Tourists

editor 26 July 2016

By The Staff.. Two suspects linked to the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah will be tried in absentia for a deadly July 2012 suicide bombing that targeted Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, prosecutors revealed on Friday (July 15, 2016). Meliad Farah and Hassan El Hajj Hassan, both natives of Lebanon, will be tried on charges of terrorism over the attack on a tour bus filled with Israelis vacationing in the Black Sea city of Burgas.  (more…)


Bulgarian FM praises Israel’s stability and ‘principled foreign policy’

editor 2 March 2016

By staff.. In a speech in Jerusalem before the Israel Council on Foreign Relations (ICFR), which operates under the auspices of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), Bulgaria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Mitov(photo top right) said Israel was characterized by “internal stability”, had “a principled foreign policy” and was seen by many as an “extension of Europe in the Middle East.” (more…)


Inside Hezbollah’s European Plots

editor 24 July 2015

By Mathew Levitt.. The Lebanese terror group continues to operate in Europe despite warnings from the EU. What will Brussels do about it? Three years ago this month (July, 2012), Hezbollah blew up a bus of tourists in Bulgaria. The European Union then banned the military wing of Hezbollah. But despite both being blacklisted by Brussels and being heavily invested in the Syrian war, Hezbollah continues to plot attacks around the world, with a particular focus on Europe. (more…)


Bulgaria urges EU to take harder stance on Hezbollah

editor 21 February 2013

By WJC.. Bulgaria urged European governments on Monday (18 February) to take a harder stance toward Hezbollah after blaming the Lebanese Islamist movement for a bus bombing that killed five Israelis at a Bulgarian Black Sea resort last year. But Foreign Minister Nickolay Mladenov cautioned European states not to be in a rush to brand the Lebanese group as a terrorist organization, saying careful consideration was needed of potential consequences in Beirut. (more…)


ECI calls on the EU to host an emergency conference to address the safety and security for Jews in Europe

editor 19 July 2012

Helsinki 19 July, 2012  – European Coalition for Israel expressed on Thursday its condolences to the families of the victims of the terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria where on Wednesday seven people were reported dead and thirty others injured in a terror attack on a bus carrying Israeli tourists. In Helsinki Founding Director Tomas Sandell issued the following statement: (more…)


Beyond Hitler’s grasp: The incredible story of the protection of the Bulgarian Jews

editor 21 February 2012

A great many Jews know the story of how the Danes rescued 8,000 Jews from the Nazi’s by smuggling them to Sweden in fishing boats. Very few Jews, know the story of how all 50,000 Bulgarian Jews were saved. Not a single Bulgarian Jew was deported to the death camps, due to the heroism of many Bulgarians of every walk of life, up to and including the King and the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.  (more…)


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