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Lost Jewish city discovered underneath Israeli army base

editor 7 October 2017

By Aristos Georgiou.. The settlement is thought to have changed hands numerous times in its history. A lost Jewish city has been discovered by archaeologists hidden underneath an Israeli Defence Force training base, according to Tel Aviv daily Yedioth Aharanot. Archaeologists working for the IDF’s Civil administration were digging under the old parade grounds of a disused training centre near the town of Beit El in the West Bank when they made the surprising finding. [Photo top right: Artefacts found in a lost Jewish City. COGAT].  (more…)


Peace-Traumatic Stress Disorder

editor 12 June 2012

By Michael Freund.. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has consistently refused to return to talks with Israel and has repeatedly rejected the Jewish state’s pleas in this regard. Israel’s leaders appear to have developed a previously unheard-of malady, one so acute it threatens to overwhelm both their mental faculties and common sense. It is what I refer to as “Peace-Traumatic Stress Disorder” (PETS), and its symptoms are fairly easy to discern. (more…)


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