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The Disappointed BDS Supporters

editor 8 February 2018

By Manfred Gerstenfeld.. A 2014 global survey by the Anti-Defamation League found that there are more than one billion antisemites worldwide. This translates into about 70 antisemites for every Jew. When an Israeli goes abroad, he is likely to meet such extremely prejudiced people — though they may not express these thoughts publicly. Israeli citizens should expect their government to prevent hardcore antisemites from visiting their country. Thus, the new law for Prevention of Entry of Foreign Nationals Promoting Boycott of Israelis is a positive step forward. [Photo top right:Signs at a pro-BDS protest in New York following the US decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Photo: Reuters / Carlo Allegri].  (more…)


Israel cannot deny the reality that BDS is in decline

editor 1 February 2018

By Ben Cohen/ Recently, I’ve been nursing some concerns about the way the Israeli government is handling its response to the BDS campaign against the Jewish state, and with it the wider challenges of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in the Western world. Some of my concerns have already been expressed with enviable clarity by two other commentators—my JNS colleague Jonathan Tobin, and The Times of Israel’s Haviv Rettig Gur. [Photo top right: A protest in London calling for a boycott of Israel. Credit: Claudia Gabriela Marques Vieira via Wikimedia Commons].  (more…)


Is the BDS Movement Failing? Depends on Your Definition of Success.

editor 30 December 2017

By Armin Rosen.. Twelve years after its official founding, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel has failed to isolate the Jewish state. As of September, Israeli exports were on pace to cross $100 billion in a single year for the first time in history. Meanwhile, Israel’s diplomatic relationships in Africa, Asia, and even the Arab Middle East are improving, with countries from Bahrain to India eager to expand ties. If the BDS movement’s goal was to turn Israel into a pariah state, it’s not really working as intended. (more…)


Worried About Jew-Baiters? Give It Straight Back To Them

editor 4 December 2017

By Melanie Phillips.. In the Diaspora, people are aghast at rampant antisemitism and Israel-bashing and dismayed over the failure to halt its apparently inexorable rise. In Britain, the parliamentary group on antisemitism heard evidence last week that anti-Jewish bigotry is now entrenched in many British universities. Student officers have used the Twitter hashtag #Jew while discussing wealth, and the swastika is now seen on campus as a “casual symbol of fun.” (more…)


The Anti-Israel Agenda

editor 27 July 2017

By Matthew Thorn.. Review of The Anti-Israel Agenda – Inside the Political War on the Jewish State. Author: Alex Ryvchin.

Background reference from the website’s editor: The book is edited and co-written by Alex Ryvchin and brings together the finest minds devoted to the question of Israel, including Alan Dershowitz, Colonel Richard Kemp, Alan Johnson and Hillel Neuer to uncover the latest campaign to destroy the Jewish State. The basic thesis is that undeterred by the failure of conventional war and terrorism to drive the Jewish people from their land, Israel’s foes now seek to politically isolate and economically cripple the State until it can no longer defend its interests or its people. (more…)


Radical Ignorance

editor 7 July 2017

By Cameron K. Khansarinia.. In recent years, activists, students, and authors have framed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a simple one. The mantra of a cruel Israeli state oppressing the Palestinians is ubiquitous in many intellectual circles. Most recently, such arguments were heard in these pages when an author called the Palestinian cause, “the least radical cause in the world.” (more…)


Israel, American Jewry and Trump’s GOP

editor 3 July 2017

By Caroline Glick.. Earlier this month Norway, Denmark and Switzerland did something surprising. Norway announced that it was demanding the return of its money from the Palestinian Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Secretariat, for the latter’s funding of a Palestinian women’s group that built a youth center near Nablus named for PLO mass murderer Dalal Mughrabi. (more…)


Jewish Voice for Peace’s Hidden Agenda

editor 6 June 2017

By Rebecca Zagorsky.. When starting a political movement, choosing the right name is perhaps the most important step. We tend to make snap decisions about whether or not to support an organization based on what its name implies. The danger, of course, is that an organization can misrepresent itself with false connotations. Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) has done just that, because the group does not represent the views of most Jews — and it does not stand for peace. [Photo top right: A Jewish Voice for Peace demonstration. Photo: Twitter](more…)


Bigotry Is Not Only Free But Costly

editor 6 May 2017

By Melanie Phillips.. The antisemitism crisis rolls on. Ken Livingstone has doubled down on his remarks about Hitler and Zionism. Members of the National Union of Students have been outed for sending offensive tweets about Jews. Campus meetings regularly spout hideous lies and libels about Israel. Many of us are horrified that these things are being allowed to be said at all. They are racist, prejudiced, bigoted, offensive and hurtful. Views like these should be utterly beyond the pale. Really? (more…)


Why Don’t Supporters of Palestinians Care About PA Abuses?

editor 3 April 2017

By Mitchell Bard..On college campuses and beyond, support for the Palestinians has been portrayed as a human rights campaign. While the antisemitic BDS movement is — according to its founders and leaders — a crusade to make Israel disappear, it has attracted many naïve supporters who believe ostracizing Israel will somehow help the Palestinians achieve independence. BDS has been an unmitigated failure, but it has shielded the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas from criticism for their human rights abuses. (more…)


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