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The voice in the wilderness (audio teaching)

editor 19 December 2012

By Rev Willem Glashouwer.. The United Nations General Assembly decided on the 29th November 2012 to recognize the PLO as representative of the Palestinian people, and to grant non-member observer status to Palestine. This comes very close to recognizing the statehood of Palestine. When you look at that from a Biblical perspective you understand that this more and more invokes the judgment of God upon the nations. (more…)


Lance Lambert Audio: “I Will Place Salvation in Zion” Isaiah 46:13

editor 30 July 2012

Lance shares in an Isle afar off, Ireland, which he believes falls into the category of “an israel afar off.” The scope of this message is wide as the infinity of God. All 66 books in the Bible are somehow connected with Zion, find out why in this timely message and last of our initial published series. The word Salvation is Yeshua. “I will place Yeshua in Zion,” how exciting!! (more…)


Lance Lambert Audio: Here the Word of the Lord, O Nations

editor 18 July 2012

Hear the Word of the Lord, O Nations – the instruction is clear, may we take heed of it as we do hear the Word of the Lord in this message. What Shepherd is keeping His sheep? Find out in this timely message.  (more…)


Lance Lambert Audio: With Everlasting Love I Have Loved You

editor 4 July 2012

This subject goes to the root of whether God has said something about Modern Israel or not. Take a trip with Lance in this fifty-minute message to see whom God has loved with an Everlasting love.



Lance Lambert Audio: The Sign of The Times

editor 27 June 2012

Any child of God who ignores the signs of the times is foolish! There seems to be a terrible dearth understanding of where we are in the purposes of God in the Church today. Lance addresses the need to understand the signs of the times especially in the light that 27% of the Bible is prediction (prophecy) of things to come.  (more…)


Lance Lambert Audio: Israel and The Nations

editor 5 June 2012

Why is there such conflict between Israel and the Nations? What is the reason behind all the UN Resolutions passed against the Nation of Israel? Zechariah said that Israel would be a goblet of wine, which would cause the nations to become insensible. The controversy of Jerusalem and Israel will continue until the Messiah’s feet will stand upon the Mt. of Olives. Lance explains why in this message of necessity.  (more…)


Lance Lambert Audio: I Will Make The Lame A Remnant (2)

editor 29 May 2012

Lance would find it very difficult if this doesn’t speak of the present day regarding a certain little postage size stamp of territory known as the Land of Israel. In Part 2 of “I Will Make The Lame a Remnant” he expresses the reality of this being fulfilled in the return of the Jewish people back to their Land.  (more…)


Lance Lambert Audio: I Will Make The Lame a Remnant (1)

editor 22 May 2012

Of what time does the Prophet Micah speak? Find out in this first of two messages that unveils a passage also recorded in Isaiah 2. Lance speaks about the principle of lameness.  (more…)


Lance Lambert Audio: For Such a Time as This

editor 15 May 2012

Lance looks at the Book of Esther in a message that has been placed on this website for you to listen to at such a time as this. May the Lord speak to you through it as we go on journey through the Book of Esther. (more…)


Lance Lambert Audio: They Shall Look Unto Me Whom They Have Pierced (2)

editor 8 May 2012

God has never saved on the principle of sight; it has always been faith, that is why it is “unto Me” not “on Me. Lance looks further into the last section of the book of Zechariah with an unveiling of the reality of the fulfillment of this prophecy to come. Get excited at what is in store listening to this message.. (more…)


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