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When people don’t support Israel they are supporting this

editor 19 July 2018

By Leah Rosenberg.. The media will flood your brain with reasons why you shouldn’t support Israel. But the truth is, the alternative is supporting terrorism. Israel wants peace. It’s a message that needs to be shared. Because if you only watch what the mainstream media shows you, you would never know that Israel is “the good guy.” They say Israelis are the “occupiers,” “killers,” “murderers,” and any other name that labels them as something evil. (more…)


Livingstone Departure: Labour’s Cynical Totem

editor 6 June 2018

By Melanie Phillips.. Ken Livingstone has now resigned from the Labour party. So what? His departure will not lance the boil of Labour party antisemitism. First, Livingstone has still not resiled from his claim that Hitler supported Zionism, nor has he admitted to antisemitism; even today he has doubled down on his position. He used the standard excuse that he was resigning simply because he had become a “distraction” to Labour’s opposition to the government.  (more…)


How Palestinian Education and UNRWA Incitement Lead to Innocent Deaths

editor 1 June 2018

By Emily Benedek.. Teachers work hard to find real-life examples to help pique the interests of their skeptical students. Teachers in UNRWA schools face the same challenge. But to teach science to Palestinian students in Gaza, the West Bank, and parts of East Jerusalem, these teachers rely on textbooks that promote a program of incitement and violence against Jews.

A seventh-grade science textbook has an illustration of a boy with his head wrapped in a kiffeya, aiming a sling shot at Israeli soldiers. [Photo top right: Students in a school in Gaza of the UNRWA at the beginning of the new academic year].  (more…)


In Wake of Livingstone Resignation, UK Jewish Groups and MPs Say More Needs to Be Done About Labour Antisemitism

editor 30 May 2018

By Benjamin Kerstein.. British Jewish leaders and MPs have hailed former London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s decision to resign from the Labour Party in the wake of a years-long antisemitism scandal. Livingstone — a prominent far-left figure once known as “Red Ken” — has a long history of anti-Israel statements, but ran into serious trouble in 2016 when he told an interviewer, “When Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.” [Photo top right: Ken Livingstone. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons].  (more…)


Belgian Jews Live in ‘Permanent State of Siege,’ Says Head of Antisemitism Watchdog

editor 30 May 2018

By Algemeiner Staff.. Fear of antisemitic violence and the presence of armed police and soldiers outside Jewish institutions has left Belgian Jews living in a “permanent state of siege,” the head of Belgium’s main antisemitism watchdog disclosed during a wide-ranging TV interview this weekend May 26-27, 2018). “The presence of military on the street in front of Jewish sites is somewhat reassuring,” Joël Rubinfeld — president of the Belgian League Against Antisemitism — told the French-language broadcaster RTBF on Sunday (May 27, 2018).” [Photo top right: A Belgian soldier stands guard outside the Jewish museum in Brussels, where a plaque commemorates the victims of the 2014 terrorist attack. Photo: Reuters / Yves Herman].  (more…)


300 Celebrities Sign Letter Decrying “New” Anti-Semitism in France

editor 26 April 2018

By Staff.. Some 300 well-known French celebrities are urging national action to counter a “new anti-Semitism” that they blame on rising Islamic extremism in France, the Associated Press reported Sunday (April 22, 2018). “Antisemitism is not a Jewish affair, it is everyone’s,” begins the letter. France, the authors charged, has “become a theater of murderous antisemitism.” The signatories warned of the “quiet ethnic purging” of Jews driven by rising Islamic extremism in the country, particularly in deprived neighborhoods. They also accused the media of remaining silent in the face of anti-Semitic atrocities. [Photop top right: Protesters march in memory of Mireille Knoll who was murdered in her home | Credit Getty Images/Aurelien Morissand ]. (more…)


Dutch newspaper slammed for ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon on Gaza protests

editor 25 April 2018

By Michael Bachner.. Simon Wiesenthal Center says image of IDF slaughtering Palestinians to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary will encourage Hamas terror, anti-Jewish sentiment in Holland. A newspaper in the Netherlands has come under fire for publishing a cartoon depicting an Israeli soldier shooting masses of Palestinians on the Gaza border in celebration of the Jewish state’s 70th Independence Day, which was marked on Thursday (April 19, 2018). [Photo top right: A cartoon published by Dutch newspaper Volkskrant in April 2018, depicting an IDF soldier shooting a Palestinian on the Gaza Border and spelling “Happy birthday to me,” a reference to Israels Independence Day. (Courtesy: Simon Wiesenthal Center)].  (more…)


The Toxic Reality Of Antisemitism In Europe

editor 21 April 2018

By Melanie Phillips.. Antisemitism in Europe has become mainstream and normalized at a level “not seen since the Second World War.” So says the president of the European Jewish Congress, Dr. Moshe Kantor, who states: “There has been an increase in open, unashamed and explicit hatred directed against Jews.” It’s as if a veil lowered after the Holocaust has now been lifted to reveal that little has changed. Poland is seeking to deny its own history of antisemitism, with a new law criminalizing anyone who accuses Poland of having been complicit in the Nazi destruction of European Jewry. [Photo top right: 1819 Hep-Hep riots in Frankfurt. An engraving by Johann Michael Voltz. Two peasant women are assaulting a Jew with pitchfork and broom. A man wearing spectacles, tails, and a six-button waistcoat, “perhaps a pharmacist or a schoolteacher,” holds another Jew by the throat and is about to hit him with a stick.].  (more…)



editor 20 April 2018

By J-Wire Newsdesk.. Malcolm Green says that this is the film he wishes he never made. Anti-semitism in the UK.

Or rather, the film I wish I’d never had to make. However, in the UK today, in some ‘pockets’ of our political system (rather large pockets it has to be said), antisemitism is making itself felt with a vengeance.

And whilst there is a lot of handwringing and tut-tutting going on, there is very little action to send this hatred back to the fringes and beyond. (more…)


PMW Bulletins: To avenge the Crusaders’ defeat by Muslims, the West created Israel

editor 14 April 2018

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik..  The Palestinian Authority continues to deny Israel’s historical right to exist, claiming Israel is merely a colony of the West created illegally and it is destined “not to survive.” In an op-ed by a regular columnist in the official PA daily, Israel is described as “the colonialist satanic plant in the region on the ruins of the Palestinian people’s Nakba.” The Nakba or “the catastrophe,” is the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel: (more…)


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