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The West’s Antisemitism Crisis

editor 13 September 2018

By Melanie Phillips.. Antisemitism is now a major issue in the West. In Britain, there are continuing convulsions over rampant antisemitism in the Labour Party. In America, there was outrage over the presence of the virulent Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. In France and other European countries, Jews are under siege from violent Muslims. The really disturbing thing, though, is that so many are not outraged by this. [Photo top right: Jeremy Corbyn leading a 2014 demonstration against the Israeli war on Gaza. (Photo: RonF, via Flickr, file)].  (more…)


AIPAC loses the script

editor 11 September 2018

By Caroline Glick.. By the time the British Labour Party finally bowed to public pressure and adopted the full definition of antisemitism determined by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance on Wednesday (September 5, 2018), the move was no longer meaningful. After a summer of insisting that it’s okay to say Zionism is Nazism and that Zionists have no sense of irony, no one is so deluded as to believe that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn or his supporters are anything but Jew-hating bigots. [Photo top right: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the AIPAC Conference in Washington DC, US, on March 6, 2018 Photo by Haim Zach / GPO ***HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES***].  (more…)


UK Jewish Community Leaders Lose The Plot on Antisemitism, Hate and Lies

editor 30 August 2018

By Melanie Phillips.. The Jewish community leadership has been pleading with the Labour Party to deal properly with antisemitism and become again the party of moral decency. Surely no-one in the Jewish leadership believes this will happen? Even if the party adopts the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition, does anyone really think its antisemitism will then go away? [Photo top right: Burning of Jews | Woodcut by Michael Wohlgemut (1434 – 1519)].  


Time To Leave? The Question The Jews of Britain and Europe Must Ponder

editor 20 August 2018

By Melanie Phillips.. These are alarming times for Jews in Britain and Europe. The British Labour Party is convulsed over the realization that it is riddled with antisemitism. Jeremy Corbyn, its leader and a friend to Hamas, has been exposed as belonging to Facebook groups hosting claims that the Jews were behind ISIS and 9/11, that the Rothschilds controlled the world’s finances and other such paranoid theories. The backwash from the exposure of these groups revealed a tsunami of anti-Jewish insults, smears and libels by Labour supporters. Corbyn’s responses, often truculent and insulting to the Jewish community, have only deepened the crisis. (more…)


South Carolina Officially Adopts Uniform Definition of Anti-Semitism

editor 28 July 2018

By Staff.. South Carolina became the first state to adopt a uniform definition of anti-Semitism, set to take effect next year, The Jerusalem Post reported Monday (July 10, 2018). Signed into law on July 6 as part of the next year’s budget legislation by Gov. Henry McMaster, the legislation requires universities to take the state’s definition into account when reviewing charges of anti-Semitism – a problem, which has increased on campuses at an alarming rate. [Picture top right: Christians for Israel International].  (more…)


Covering Up Robert Kennedy’s Palestinian Murderer

editor 26 July 2018

By Stephen M. Flatow/ – Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, is one of the best-known killers in American history. Yet two major television networks recently broadcast segments about the Kennedy assassination without mentioning his name at all. What gives? [Picture top right: Christians for Israel International].  (more…)


Orban: Antisemitism Rising In Western Europe, Declining In Eastern Europe

editor 26 July 2018

By Herb Keinon.. The Hungarian leader said Budapest has ‘zero tolerance’ to antisemitism, and that Jews in Hungary live in security. Carrying signs reading “Never Again,” “Shame on you,” and “Every tyrant has a Yad Vashem,” several dozen protesters briefly blocked the motorcade of visiting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban when he left Yad Vashem Thursday (July 19, 2018). Orban, seen as a symbol of a sharp rightward turn in parts of Europe and as someone who has fanned the flames of antisemitism in Hungary by saluting World War II Hungarian leader Miklos Horthy and by his continuous attacks on Hungarian-born Jewish financier George Soros, had just toured the Yad Vashem Museum and laid a wreath in the Hall of Remembrance. [Photo top right: Hungarian Prime Minister Mr. Viktor Orban meets with Israeli president Reuven Rivlin, at the president’s house in Jerusalem, on July 19, 2018. Photo by Miriam Alster/FLASH90].  (more…)


Iceland, Israel, and the Jews: A Largely Negative History

editor 24 July 2018

By Manfred Gerstenfeld.. BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 888, July 10, 2018.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Whenever the media mention Iceland in the context of Israel, it is usually to report negative news. It is difficult to find in Iceland’s history more than one substantial occasion when it played a positive role for Israel. There have been many cases of anti-Semitism in Iceland over the centuries. Every year, during the Lent period before Easter, 17th century hymns full of hatred for the Jews are read out daily by distinguished citizens and broadcast on Iceland’s public radio station. [Picture top right: Christians for Israel International]. (more…)


Memorial in Hebron for Jewish baby murdered by a “Palestinian” Arab sniper

editor 21 July 2018

By Leah Rosenberg.. When 10 month old Shalhevet was murdered by a “Palestinian” Arab sniper in 2001 in Hebron, a memorial was built for the Jewish baby. Because Israel chooses life. The Story of Jewish Baby Shalhevet: Shalhevet was only 10 months old when a “Palestinian” sniper murdered her in cold blood in Hebron 17 years ago. Her father was walking with her in the stroller to the park when she was shot and killed. Shalhevet’s father was also injured in the attack. Why were they targeted? (more…)


When people don’t support Israel they are supporting this

editor 19 July 2018

By Leah Rosenberg.. The media will flood your brain with reasons why you shouldn’t support Israel. But the truth is, the alternative is supporting terrorism. Israel wants peace. It’s a message that needs to be shared. Because if you only watch what the mainstream media shows you, you would never know that Israel is “the good guy.” They say Israelis are the “occupiers,” “killers,” “murderers,” and any other name that labels them as something evil. (more…)


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