Christians For Israel

Christians for Israel
Christians for Israel is an international movement of Christians from a variety of church and denominational backgrounds who see the return of the Jewish people to Israel as the clear fulfillment of biblical prophecy and a major ‘sign of the times’ – one that points toward the imminent coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah of Israel.

As citizens of the 21st Century, we believe we are witnessing God’s faithfulness to His covenant promises as Jews return to their ancient, biblical homeland. As Christians, we understand from the Holy Scriptures that we are grafted into Israel’s ancient root (Romans 11:17-18), via the grace afforded by the New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-33).

We also understand that all of God’s covenants were made with Israel (Romans 9:1-5). Thus, God’s covenant relationship with the Jewish people continues as before or, as Paul writes, “God has not cast away Israel, His people…” (Romans 11:1).
Our hope and prayer is that the Church will come to understand something of the “mystery” of Israel (Romans 11:25), and that love and understanding will become bridges between Christians and Jews so that we all may be better prepared for the Coming of Messiah.
Our mission is to bring biblical understanding in the church and among the nations concerning God’s purposes for Israel and to promote comfort of Israel through prayer and action.
Our vision is to establish a global network of Christians having local impact, for the blessing of the nation of Israel, the Jewish people and the church.

Our strategy is to equip Christians in the nations, through a wide range of resources and educative programs, to understand God’s purposes with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, and to stand in the gap between Israel and the Church.

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