Memorial in Hebron for Jewish baby murdered by a “Palestinian” Arab sniper

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By Leah Rosenberg.. When 10 month old Shalhevet was murdered by a “Palestinian” Arab sniper in 2001 in Hebron, a memorial was built for the Jewish baby. Because Israel chooses life. The Story of Jewish Baby Shalhevet: Shalhevet was only 10 months old when a “Palestinian” sniper murdered her in cold blood in Hebron 17 years ago. Her father was walking with her in the stroller to the park when she was shot and killed. Shalhevet’s father was also injured in the attack. Why were they targeted? Because they are Jewish. Anyone who is willing to commit such a heinous act has no care for life at all. It’s sickening. Shalhevet was only 10 months old. Just a baby.

A memorial was built in the spot in Hebron that Shalhevet was shot and killed. It is a popular location for tourists to visit to learn about the atrocity that took place. It is important for the world to know Shalhevet’s story. Because sadly, her tragedy is far from the only one. Read the full story and watch the video.



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