“National squads”: Who marched into Kyiv and why did it happen?

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By Tetiana Sviatenko.. About 600 Members of the “National squads,” power branch of the neo-Nazi “National Corps” party, have held swearing-in ceremony and walked through the center of Kyiv, wearing uniforms. A few days ago (January 28, 2018), about 600 Members of the public organization “National squads” have held swearing-in ceremony, walked through the center of Kyiv, wearing uniforms, shot the whole ceremony and posted this video on the internet. [Photo top right: National squads marching in Kiev | Photo credit: nationalcorps.org].  The video is really spectacular, and the fact that it has attracted a lot of attention is logical. Moreover, the “National squads” organization is a power branch of the nationalist party “National Corps” (which has been described as “openly neo-Nazi” by the New York Times and banned from receiving American military training by the U.S. Congress. – Ed.) of Andriy Biletsky.

“National squads” intend to patrol the city and fight crime, and to help the police.

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112.ua has found out who these people are, why have they gathered and, in general, how lawful it is.

So, according to Ihor Vdovin, spokesman for the “National squads”, the organization has been created a year ago, and it is even registered by the Ministry of Justice.

“I do not understand why the reasons for such an informational boom. Perhaps because now, there is no plenary session at the Verkhovna Rada, so you and your colleagues need to fill your media content, and you have decided to take our topic in order to have something to discuss,” Vdovin replied. Read the full story and watch the video.



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