How Hamas exploits the people of Gaza: Protests clarify their cynical tactics

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By Dennis Ross.. Hamas has never put the people of Gaza first. Hamas rejects Israel’s existence and treats all of the land as an Islamic trust. The Palestinian people are instruments in the struggle to reclaim it. For the struggle, for the cause, the people can be sacrificed. Why else would Hamas build tunnels to protect its weapons and its fighters but not its people during conflict with Israel? Why else, when Gazans desperately needed reconstruction, would its leaders divert short supplies of cement, electric wiring and iron away from badly needed housing construction to build the tunnels? [Photo top right: Palestinians hurling stones – Not Helping | Credit Khalil Hamra/AP].  Why else would it store, deploy and fire its rockets in or next to schools, mosques and hospitals? In conflicts with Israel, Hamas seeks to maximize Palestinian civilian casualties — preferably women and children. That brings international opprobrium on Israel and makes it harder to engage in its self-defense.

Recent mass marches on the border fence with Israel are a case in point. The Hamas leadership in Gaza announced that starting March 30 and continuing every Friday until what they call Nakba (catastrophe) day, demonstrations at the Israel border fence would take place. The symbolism was lined up perfectly for mobilizing public passions. Read the full story.



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