Checkmating the smart Abbas

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By Caroline Glick.. PLO chief and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is no idiot. He didn’t survive as Yasser Arafat’s deputy for 40 years and as his successor for 14 by being stupid. So if he isn’t stupid, why is he attacking the United States? Why did he deliver an anti-American diatribe Monday night (March 19, 2018) that would have made Ho Chi Minh proud? Not only did Abbas call US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman a “son of a dog.” He blamed the US for all the woes of the Arab world. Abbas said, “The so-called ‘Arab Spring,’ which is lauded by some simple-minded idiots, incapable of thinking, is in fact an ‘American Spring,’ which began in Gaza. We all know how [Hamas] joined the [PA] elections and then staged a coup, having received many [American] guarantees, both implicit and in public, because the US wants to separate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank, so that there will be no united Palestinian state.”

In other words, everything that happened in the Arab world over the past seven years has been part of an American plot to harm the Palestinians.

Monday’s speech was not Abbas’s first statement of this sort. In January (2018), he bitterly attacked Friedman and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and called for Trump’s “house to be destroyed.” Read the full story.



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