The empty talk of two states

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By Jonathan S. Tobin.. Time was, the endorsement of a two-state solution by the executive director of AIPAC wouldn’t have been news…writes Jonathan S. Tobin/JNS. But when Howard Kohr told those who gathered for the group’s annual conference on Monday (March 5, 2018) that the organization still believes in a vision of two states for two peoples, it was considered significant. Kohr understood that affirming the pro-Israel lobby’s stance in favor of what has long been considered the only rational solution to the conflict makes sense even if there is little reason to believe in the peace process right now. [Photo top right: IPAC CEO Howard Kohr addressing the 2018 AIPAC policy conference on March 4 | Credit: AIPAC]. While AIPAC had good reason to take this position, no one should think this is about any more than a matter of smart politics for a group that desperately wants to keep disgruntled liberals inside the big pro-Israel tent. Nor should U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s statement—in which he expressed the Trump administration’s willingness to consider endorsing two states if the parties should choose such a solution—be seen as an indication that the administration intends to go down that path if it announces its own peace plan in the coming months.

Perhaps some true believers hold on to hope that this formula can be revived in the near future if either, or both, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas step down from power. At the moment, however, talk about two states is nothing but posturing. Read the full story.



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