The Speech that Barak Should Give

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By Einat Wilf.. The Place: Kefar Etzion. The Time: Eve of Elections. As I near my eightieth year I ask for the public’s support in elections for one single purpose: to complete the partition of Israel into a Jewish state and an Arab state. The state of Israel has many challenges, but the struggle for a more just society, the fight against corruption and the healing of divisions, I leave to the leaders to come. I take upon myself one mission only: the determination of final, clear, recognized and secure borders for the State of Israel. My fellow settlers, on the morrow of my election to Prime Minister of Israel, I will annex to the State of Israel all of the settlements adjacent to the green line, where the vast majority of you live. Efrat and Tel Aviv, Kefar Etzion and Netanya will be equal towns in one State of Israel. This will become Israel’s eastern border. This border is the outcome of your actions and settlement. We will be annexing a mere four percent of the entire territory of Judea and Samaria – less than one percent of the total territories conquered in the Six Day War. Following a final peace agreement, we will hand over to the Palestinians other territories of equal size, in their stead.

My fellow settlers, only I will be able to annex your settlements with the tacit agreement, if not more, of the governments of the United States, Europe, and the world at large. Only a leader who dared make peace, and is willing to do so again, will be able to complete what you have begun. Not Naftali Bennett, not Benjamin Netanyahu, and no other leader would be able to go to the world and say: we are annexing these settlements, and in doing so we have determined Israel’s final eastern border. Only I can get for you that which you crave: recognition, legitimacy and belonging. At the end of my term you will no longer live under a cloud of impermanence and illegitimacy over your presence here. Read the full story.




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