As unity process goes nowhere fast, Hamas leader’s tactic will be to blame PA

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By Avi Issacharoff.. Gaza’s Yahya Sinwar, purportedly determined to seek Palestinian reconciliation ‘for the sake of the children,’ wants to be able to say that he tried but Abbas scuppered the process. On instructions from Egypt, delegates from the various Palestinian groups showed up in Cairo this week to discuss the “historic” reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah. Almost everyone was there, from the highest-ranking officials from both main groups to representatives of organizations so minor that people wondered why they’d been invited. When Egypt’s General Intelligence Directorate, headed by Minister Khaled Fawzy, issues invitations, nobody can refuse. [Photo top right:Palestinians argue with Hamas officials and security forces in a makeshift station at a basketball court in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza strip on November 18, 2017 as they await clearance to take a bus to travel through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. (AFP/Mahmud Hams)]. As the gathering began on Tuesday (November 21, 2017), the director-general of Fawzy’s office, Mazhar Issa, walked around like a proud father among guests at a wedding; also doing the rounds was Samah Kamel, who holds the Israeli-Palestinian portfolio.

But expectations among the many guests were not high. There was a sense that nothing dramatic would be achieved.

And so it proved. When the formal report summing up the conference was released a day later, it was clear that while the unity talks had not collapsed, there had been no substantive progress either. Read the full story.



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