New fingerprick-free glucose meter takes the “Ouch!” out of diabetes care

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By Michal Marmary.. A new device to track blood-glucose levels has been launched in Israel. Today marks World Diabetes Day, a date chosen in tribute to Dr. Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, who was born on November 14, 1891.  While the discovery of insulin made survival with diabetes possible, the disease itself continues to spiral out of control around the world. Every six seconds, a person dies from diabetes, and with 415 million sufferers globally, it will likely become the greatest epidemic in human history.  It’s also one of the most costly, amounting to 12% of annual healthcare expenditures worldwide.  Now, a new device promises to make life easier for people with diabetes by eliminating the need for painful daily blood tests.

One of the greatest challenges in managing diabetes is compliance.  Patients must track their own blood glucose (blood sugar) levels, and the use of standard glucose meters require multiple fingerpricks each day.  Despite the urgent medical importance of tracking this information, the pain and the inconvenience discourage many individuals from keeping close tabs on blood glucose, which is crucial to adjusting diet, insulin and other medication use. Read the full story.



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