Lost Jewish city discovered underneath Israeli army base

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By Aristos Georgiou.. The settlement is thought to have changed hands numerous times in its history. A lost Jewish city has been discovered by archaeologists hidden underneath an Israeli Defence Force training base, according to Tel Aviv daily Yedioth Aharanot. Archaeologists working for the IDF’s Civil administration were digging under the old parade grounds of a disused training centre near the town of Beit El in the West Bank when they made the surprising finding. [Photo top right: Artefacts found in a lost Jewish City. COGAT].  The excavations uncovered a Jewish settlement dating back to the First Temple Period of Israel’s history (960-568 BCE) which is thought to have changed hands many times, according to the archaeological finds.

The city was still inhabited when the ancient Israeli Kingdom of Judah fell under the control of the Persians in 539 BCE. Later, the settlement expanded during the Hellenistic Period – which began when Alexander the Great absorbed much of what is now Israel into his vast empire. Subsequently, it came under the control of the Jewish Hasmonean dynasty before falling into the hands of the Romans. Read the full story.



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