The Girl with the Rucksack

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By Naomi Ragen.. The amazing thing about actually living in Israel, is that even the simplest daily activities are sometimes infused with so much meaning. Let me give you an example. I was going to get a haircut. My hairdresser is in Ramat Gan, which means I have to take a bus from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. So I go. [Photo top right: Female soldiers of the IDF; Wikipedia Commons].  And as I’m walking through the doors of the bus station, I see so many young soldiers in uniform, men and women. And they’re walking in with their heavy backpacks, probably after a day or a few hours of home leave. One girl was so petite, and her rucksack was so big, they were almost the same size. But there she was, strong, resilient, schlepping it without even a sign of effort. And the young men, so tall and slim and handsome. And every one of them has got either a rifle or a pistol in a gun belt. And I’m thinking: no I’m not worried about terrorists. Not at all. Not with all these big, handsome, intelligent, trained Jewish kids all around me. Read the full story.



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