Terror tunnels ‘will become deathtrap for Hamas in next war,’ IDF warns

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By Lilach Shoval.. The military’s ability to counter the threat posed by Hamas’ grid of terror tunnels has significantly improved, IDF officials say. IDF also focusing its efforts on constructing a physical obstacle around Gaza meant to deal Hamas’ tunnels “a deathblow.” [Photo top right:IDF soldiers take position outside a terror tunnel in Operation Protective Edge, 2014 | Photo credit: Ziv Koren].  Three years after Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip, senior military officials said Thursday that while Hamas’ is sparing no efforts to rebuild its grid of terror tunnels, the IDF’s countermeasures will turn the underground passageways into a “deathtrap” for Hamas terrorists in the event new hostilities erupt.

Hamas’ grid of terror tunnels was significantly crippled during the 2014 military campaign and according to senior defense officials, the IDF is confident that it is now far better equipped and prepared to deal with the threat, having invested tens of millions of shekels to develop and procure advanced technologies and equipment, as well as build a counter-tunnel obstacle around the Strip. Read the full story.



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