Laughing at UNESCO

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By Paula R. Stern.. UNESCO is fast becoming the cheapest and most readily available subject for jokes. Anger fast becomes hysterics as you realize the absurdity of their latest claims. Bibi Netanyahu calls them “delusional.” That’s pretty much a compliment. One thing I love about the Jewish people is that when the going gets tough, rather than break, we either are driven to tears or to laughter. Happily, this time, we choose laughter. A few samples:

  • UNESCO Declares Katz’s Deli “Palestinian Heritage Site” – click here for the details.
  • UNESCO announced the discovery of an ancient palestinian relic that dates back all the way to last week. Archaeologists have performed Carbon-12 dating and placed the artifact at approximately June 29, 2017 (also known as the Absurd Age) (Hat tip to Zev Shandalov)
  • UNESCO announces it is busy studying the land of Israel for other important Palestinian Heritage sites. Has already recognized Ahmed’s Barn and Grill (promises all waitresses are under the age of 12 and alcohol only offered to those in the back rooms). 

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