Bright Days and Dark Days

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By Paula R. Stern.. For many in Israel, it has been a week of vacation, celebrating a holiday that starts off with a lot of work and then melts down to good food, good rest, good times with family. But interwoven in the good of the last week, there have been underlying elements of darkness that make me nervous. I’ve been watching the situation in North Korea and Syria. It takes so little to start a war, and so much to stop one and the people who suffer most are rarely those who press the Start button. It’s part politics. He’s in the Opposition, which loves gloom and doom, but he’s also a former Commander of the Southern Command, and Yoav Gallant, now the Minister of Construction, is predicting war this summer with Hamas. It makes sense. In the last 10 years, we have had three wars with them. One war (Cast Lead) and then four years later another (Pillar of Defense) and then two years later the third (Protective Edge). This is the third summer; war is statistically a real possibility. I can’t even begin to write what I think of another war. I keep saying I can’t do it again; I can’t…and yet, of course, we all have no choice. We aren’t the ones setting the stage and when rockets are fired into your land, at your cities, at your children, what other options are there? Read the full story.



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